Are you …IMG_2461edited480

•    Withholding your true self at work or at home?
•    Wasting energy avoiding conflict?
•    Failing to get your ideas heard?
•    Hiding out on your couch while secretly dreaming of speaking before Congress?
•    Saying “yes” to everyone and everything – except you?

Many heart-centered women entrepreneurs, leaders, and change-makers struggle to build satisfying and profitable businesses while living a vibrant and fulfilling life.

At Voice Matters, we’ll help you speak soulfully when it counts so you can make your mark in the world while manifesting abundance and success on your terms.

Ask yourself: “Is your voice enhancing or limiting your impact?” That’s a question you may never have asked yourself before – And it’s one of the most vital questions everyone must ask.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, it’s highly likely that your voice is minimizing your impact. Your vocal presence creates the bottleneck that prevents you from achieving your goals and creating the life you desire.

One of our most powerful tools as change-makers, entrepreneurs and leaders is the resonance of our voices. In fact, our vocal presence is our primary instrument for navigating the world. We speak every day in a variety of situations. Our voices help us build our businesses by enrolling others in our cause. We use our voices to engage with lovers, colleagues, clients, friends and family. And yet, aside from professionally trained actors, there is very little training out there related to the voice – until now.

Change your voice, change your impact.

Change your impact, change your world…

The Voice Matters’ Vocal Presence Path will help you step into your true power and …

•    Feel & convey confidence & authority anytime, anywhere – from the bedroom to the boardroom to the TED Talks Stage
•    Create empowering, satisfying, soulful & sustainable relationships
•    Master magnetism and draw your ideal clients to you so you can build a financially successful business with ease and flow
•    Get the promotion (if you want it – remember, you’re living on your terms now!)
•    Move your audience to tears with the heart-centered power of your presence – with comfort and self-assurance – even if you’re an introvert!

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My commitment to you is this:
I will respect you enough to tell you the truth.
I will help you embrace your gifts while walking the path of growth.

You may be tempted to turn away, to put off making a decision, to shrink from your calling or claim you’re just not sure. I encourage you to stay – the world needs your authentic voice now more than ever. Your voice matters.


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