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7 Public Speaking Tips that Fail (and Why)

As some of you may have noticed, I’m tweeting and posting more than I used to.  I stepped things up as part of my mission to make The Vocal Presence Path™ accessible and available to everyone.  I have to say, I love Hootsuite and Klout. They search the web for articles that might be of […]

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Balance in the Virtual World

On May 8th, 2015 I gave a keynote presentation and workshop for the ETFO. One of the participants tweeted afterwards, asking me for suggestions for inviting Balance (check out last week’s post for more on Balance) in an online environment. It’s such an interesting question. Sometimes our online environment includes seeing and hearing each other […]

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Women, We’ve Got to Stop Faking It!

Why is it that nearly every post I come across these days asking women to Lean In, convey confidence and make it (in a man’s world) includes advice to Fake It? That’s some of the worst advice ever. It’s time to stop faking it. Why would so many other women continue to advise us to […]

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