Creativity CoachSulting

If you are looking to create momentum on a project that could use an infusion of creative energy, then Creativity CoachSulting may be exactly what you are looking for.

“When you face doubts that inhibit you from acting,
doubt your doubts and trust your dreams.”
– Kevin Cashman

What is Creativity CoachSulting?
Simply put, Creativity CoachSulting is a blend of Co-Active Coaching and Consulting in which you bring your expertise on your project, I bring my expertise on the creative process and together we work to get you inspired again and moving forward on your project from a Creative place.

How is Creativity CoachSulting different from Co-Active Creator Coaching?
Coaching involves an ongoing relationship in which we meet at regular intervals.  Creativity CoachSulting does not.  We can meet as many or as few times as you need to feel you are in flow and your project is on track.

As a Co-Active Coach® my focus is on evoking the skills and creativity a client already possesses, rather than instructing or advising.  With Creativity CoachSulting I will both elicit the gifts within you AND advise you with my creative expertise.

What types of projects are right for Creativity CoachSulting?
Just about any project you can imagine from your next company meeting to the workshop you are planning to your child’s 7th birthday party … contact me and we can discuss your options.