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At Voice Matters and Lauri Smith, LLC our mission is to expand the range, resonance and impact of emerging leaders’ voices in support of the evolution of human consciousness.  We work with organizations, leaders and emerging leaders – better equipping them to consciously, passionately and artistically create positive change in the world.  Our work focuses on clients who long to speak from their authentic voice, their primal voice, their connected voice … their Soul’s voice and to make their Soul’s purpose real in the world.

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper.
It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”

 – Maya Angelou

Consider the difference between the sound of a toy drum and a real drum. Most of us are walking around as the toy drum equivalent of our full-fledged drum-sound selves. We have spent a lifetime training our voices to do the opposite of what we want as leaders.  We have trained our voices to suppress our emotions – and therefore our life force and our Soul’s expression – and attempt to communicate, expecting the words to do all of the work.  This has turned us into the toy drum version of ourselves as leaders.

If you were standing in a desert and you heard the sound of a toy drum in the distance to your left and a real drum in the distance to your right, which one would you be called to follow?

Through our work together, your experience of your voice in the world will change.

You will

  • Become grounded and confident and able to speak repeatedly from the voice of your Soul even in on the spot moments – the moments that matter the most to you.
  • Feel a sense of flow and presence as you inspire others and enroll people in your cause with the power of your authentic, naturally compelling voice.
  • Transform your relationship with your world, wherever you feel you need to, from work to home to family to public speaking.

At this time in history we need more leaders who are present and connected with themselves and those around them.  Your voice matters … and its time to unleash the drumbeat of your Soul so that those who need you can hear your call and together we can create transformational change in the world.