We’re one week into the New Year, and its that time again: the time when everyone starts to wonder what the heck was so important about their New Year’s Resolutions.  

New Year’s Resolutions tend to come from what we think we should do, rather than what’s really important to us.   Some of my clients and friends love New Year’s Resolutions.  I, on the other hand, don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.  For several years now I’ve chosen a theme for the new year.  I then allow that theme to influence my actions.   During the year, when I feel off course, I reconnect to the theme and guide myself back to what’s important. In 2014 my theme was “YES! and …” My Soul Suckers would often attempt to derail me with some version of a “No, but … ”  For example, when I got a new client, my Soul Suckers would say “No, but, you didn’t get enough new clients.”  I’d switch that to “YES! (I got a new client – celebrate, celebrate) and … I’m going to keep shooting for even more.”

Whether you’re a resolution person or a theme person, one vital component for success is releasing the Soul Suckers from the process and rooting in what’s important to your true self.   

I created this list of 10 powerful questions to help you live an intentional, magical 2016.
1) What were you grateful for in 2015? 

2) What are you grieving as 2015 ends?

3) What do you want to forgive yourself for? 

4) What do you want to forgive others for?

5) What’s important to you now, in 2016?
(capture this in one word or a short phrase and this just might be your theme for the year)

6) What habits no longer serve you (if they ever did)?

7) What is it time to let go of? 

8) What are you embracing going forward?

9) What’s the connection between your resolutions and what’s important to you?
(If you’re not doing resolutions, you might ask “what’s the connection between my actions and my theme)

10) If this were the last year of your life, how would you live to make the most of it? 

In case you’re curious, my theme for 2016 is Carpé Diem (which is part of what inspired question 10 above).  I’m letting go of struggle, doubt, scarcity and proving; while embracing Love, A-bun-dance, Creativity, Intuition and Ease-filled Receiving.

Happy New Year!