On May 8th, 2015 I gave a keynote presentation and workshop for the ETFO. One of the participants tweeted afterwards, asking me for suggestions for inviting Balance (check out last week’s post for more on Balance) in an online environment. It’s such an interesting question. Sometimes our online environment includes seeing and hearing each other through video conferencing. And sometimes, as with this post, the connection is purely virtual.

So, what suggestions do I have for inviting balance in an online environment? My initial response to this question was that we can hold virtual space with our energetic arms. (It was a response via Twitter, so I was limited to 140 characters). Here’s a more complete response – walking through the Vocal Presence Path step by step.

1) Acknowledge and Release the Soul Suckers – especially those that tell you it can’t be done in a virtual space. Get curious and step into the possibility that it can. The kernel of truth in the Soul Suckers message? It may take more time and patience.

2) Root in a Sense of Purpose – Balance may be so important that it’s a value of yours. Acknowledge how important it is for you and those in your world.

3) Embody what’s Important – Embody Balance (radically and vulnerably) yourself first. People will only go as far as you’ve gone first.

4) Breathe Life into the Experience – When we speak, sound waves exit our bodies and literally touch the bodies of those we are speaking to. By breathing through your Balanced physicality, others will feel your balance in your voice, which will help invite them to join you.

5) Energize yourSelf and the Space – From Balance, send your radically balanced energy all the way out to the edges of the virtual space. Intend to include everyone and give yourself permission to take up space for the sake of what you have to give.

6) Connect (truly, madly, deeply) with Others – If you can see others, look them in the eyes in a virtual space. If you can’t see but you can hear others, see them in your mind’s eye and Anchor with them. If you can’t see or hear (i.e. if you’re limited to writing, as I am) try envisioning the person you are connecting with and “speaking to” as you type. (I’m doing this right now. In fact, I often do this when I write. I’m more of a speaker than a writer, so remembering that I’m writing in order to reach and help the people who need my writing helps get me through the challenge.)

7) Take others along for the Ride – Invite others into Balance, having gone there first yourself. Look for signs of your purpose coming to life in others. When we’re present together in a space, we can track whether or not this is happening in real time. If you can see or hear those you are connecting to via the virtual connection, you can track this in the moment. If it’s tweet by tweet by tweet, it’s likely to take longer – and its worth it.

Try this and then come back and post about your experience.