Black Lives Matter

by Lauri

I’ve wanted to write, and I’ve been waiting for more clarity. As a white woman, what could I possibly say? What do I have to contribute? 

Finally, while meditating, this came to me: 

Be curious and listen. 

As a white woman, I do not and cannot know what it is like to be a black man or woman in the world. 

I can be curious about what I do not know.  

I have not personally experienced racism. 

I have not personally experienced fear when simply going for a jog. 

I have not personally experienced the depth of fear, powerlessness and rage that people of color feel right now. 

I can empathize, but I cannot know… 

What I can do, is be curious and listen. 

I can be curious about what people of color want me to understand. I can listen to their experience. I can hear what they most want me and the rest of the world to understand.

I can also act. I feel called to be curious and listen in order to ensure that I’m acting in ways that are in alignment with both my values and with what people of color might want and need from me, as a white woman, right now. 

Will you join me in being curious and listening?

Voice Matters and Lauri Smith personally condemn both the overt racism of violent assault and the covert racism of silent complicity. We stand in solidarity and empathy with our black and brown communities. We commit to be curious and listen in order to understand with more clarity how we can be part of the solution.  

Black Lives Matter.

With passion & love, 
Lauri Smith


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