Choose Magic

by Lauri

Oh my. I’m in Philz coffee again before rehearsal. It’s been over a month since I sat down to write.  There’s a voice in my head saying I’m a bad entrepreneur … There are other voices that say I’m a good teacher, actor, coach, friend, partner … all the things I’ve chosen instead of writing.

This is the opening week of my show.

We have a lot left to do.

There’s a saying in theatre…. “The show must go on.”

We have a lot left to do … and the show must go on. Literally. There’s going to be an audience in the seats for the preview on Thursday evening. Friday night we officially open.

We have a lot left to do.

On the Myers Briggs scale, I’m a “J”. Just in case you don’t know what that means, I call myself “the anti-procrastinator.” Having “a lot left to do” this close to opening the show is very uncomfortable for me. I would’ve liked to have been where we are now two weeks ago.

On the drive home from rehearsal Sunday night, my Soul Suckers started biting at me. “There isn’t enough time.” “It’s impossible.” “You’re acting sucks and you’re gonna be horrible!”

Now, that last one makes it kind of obvious that these are not the thoughts of my highest self. But the other two, and many others like them, are very deceptive. They seem more rational and reasonable.

Here’s the thing, theatre isn’t rational or reasonable. Theatre is creative. Theatre is present and pulsing and alive. Theatre involves an alchemy between the actors and then, once the show is open, between the audience and the actors.

Theatre can bring a kind of magic like nothing else.

And just like that, it came to me – my intention for the week: Choose Magic.

In the midst of all the evidence to the contrary, the reasonable thoughts about the impossibility of the task we have before us, it is possible to choose how we respond in the face of the task.

This is a scary one to share. I’m writing this on Monday. I’m choosing magic and sharing it, even as the Soul Suckers are saying “you’re gonna regret this when you fall flat on your face.”

I’m talking about theatre here, but I’m also talking about life. Solopreneurship. Entrepreneurship. Responding in the face of challenges in our workplaces. Taking responsibility for and choosing our lives (instead of letting life drag us around.)

Where could you use a little magic in your life?
Will you dare to choose magic with me this week?

With passion & love,


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