Compelling Speaker

Master the Art of Presence

with Lauri Smith

A Transformational program
for Visionaries on a

Soul-Driven Mission


Learn to be YOU – deeply, passionately, presently, RawThentically YOU…

Let the crowd in to see you and feel you in all of your sensitive, tender, powerful, graceful and hysterical glory.

 It’s time to stand in your power, speak your truth and LEAD.

Let me guess…

You’re doing the work you came here as a Soul to do. You’re singing your life song.

You know your purpose and your mission, and the world stage is calling for you to share it in a bigger way.

You want to awaken, energize and move people.


When it’s time for you to speak, your voice shakes and your throat goes dry. Your words fall on deaf ears.

Something is blocking your inner knowing and your ability to create the change in the world you know you are here to create.

You can’t express your vision when it matters most.

I’ve been there.

Although I trained in acting for years, I didn’t always have those creative flow experiences.

Sometimes I was in flow, and sometimes I felt like a deranged manikin. Working really hard, trying to connect with my scene partners and feeling like there was a glass wall between us.

So I went on a quest to understand what created that flow and what blocked it so I could get there more often.

What I found blew my mind:

There is a primal life force in all of us that makes us alive from head to toe.

When that primal force meets our purpose,  we become magnetic.

Speaking is a Spiritual Practice

Do you want to … ?


  • Own your wacky wildness while having a serious impact
  • Feel ALIVE from head to toe while deeply connected to the crowd
  • Touch your audience with the heart-centered power of your presence
  • Take people on an emotional journey with lots of twists and turns
  • Feel grounded, vibrant and in flow while evoking transformation in your audience

You can!

You will be able to do more than communicate clearly and articulately.

You will UNLEASH your innate, unique CHARISMA and MOVE PEOPLE – to laughter, to tears or to action.

This is not a quick fix.  It’s a powerful practice.

You will shift in ways that are beyond your wildest dreams and you will plant the seeds that create lasting transformation.

My Promise to You

I Will …


  • Respect you enough to tell you the truth.
  • Help you embrace your gifts WHILE walking the path of growth.
  • Hold safe and sacred space for you to express your full self.
  • Be your ally and your mirror.
  • Help you step into your true power and to hold the same safe, transformational space for others.

Training with Soul

Safety. Community. Alchemy.

A Masterclass in creative, charismatic speaking. Like an in-depth program for actors – but it’s for speakers.

Compelling Speaker Includes …

  • Eight 2-2.5 Hour group Zoom calls
  • A 1-Hour one-on-one coaching session with Lauri
  • 30-minutes of email support (including recorded speech review) between sessions
  • Story Showcase & Completion Workshop (On Zoom – invite guests from all over the world!)
  • A Video of your final performance
  • Access to Lauri’s entire Library of audio and video content
  • Access to the Courageous Leader Community including Authentic Speaking Playshops
  • A Safe, Sacred Community of Peers


Compelling Speaker Spring 2023

Group Zooms: April 12th, 19th; 26th; May 3rd, 10th, 24th, 31st; June 7th
Showcase and Completion: June 14th
All sessions take place from 3-5:30pm PST / 6-8:30pm EST

Space is limited to 9 participants per circle. Register early to claim your spot.

What former clients say

Lauri leads with graceful power and in magical ways.

Before taking the Compelling Speaker program, I was trying to connect with the audience and be naturally me when speaking. My goal was to free my soul and be the Andrea I never dared to be.

The transformation that I went through in just a couple of months during Compelling Speaker stays with me for life. My soul was released. I’m able to consciously connect with my body and my voice so that I feel I am fully ME in the now and at peace.

Andrea Petrut

Intuitive Relationship Coach, Speaker, and advocate for love. 

Before working with Lauri I dreaded speaking in public. And when I had to do it, I was not my real self. I put on armor and pretended to be what I thought great speakers were: outgoing, charismatic, confident, having it all together, bullet proof, in control.

By taking the program, I was able to drop the armor and just be myself. I also learned more about speaking from my whole self: my mind, body, spirit and emotions all engaged. Most importantly I’m enjoying speaking in front of people. I never thought that would happen.

Dana Baugh

Executive Coach & Organization Development Consultant

Before working with Lauri, I had spoken at many events, but they had all occurred in-person. I wanted to breathe more life into my online speaking experiences as well, as all of my events went online in early 2020. By working with Lauri and taking the program, I was able to bring my energy into the online speaking events. The world became my stage, and I was able to take participants along for the ride. Now while I still look forward to when events will occur in-person again, I also enjoy the online events that I’ve spoken at, and increasingly so.

Lida Tohidi

Global Award-Winning Consultant | Coach & Strategic Advisor | Diversity & Inclusion, Digital Marketing, Tech Startup Speaker | Mindfulness & Mental Fitness

Lauri, what a program you’ve created! In every way, you make this a standout experience. 

Thank you for your generosity, your grace, and for offering such a transformational experience. 

I overcame my patterns of people pleasing and needing to be liked as a facilitator and you helped me find my breath as a speaker. I’ve consulted countless mentors, therapists and coaches and none of them were able to help me the way you did. 

You certainly have found your “life work”. 

Victoria de Onis, CPCC, ACC

Executive leadership and team coach specializing in interpersonal communication and leadership development. 


$2100 Early bird
(Regularly $2400+)

*Early bird ends March 31, 2023
**Payment plans available.
(Spaces are limited to 9 per circle.)