Coronavirus Shift

by Lauri

Does the coronavirus have you on high alert?

This is a challenging situation. There is a lot we don’t know. There is a lot even the experts don’t know. 

We can feel powerless in the face of the unknown. And that feels chaotic and tumultuous.

So what CAN we do?

One simple yet powerful shift begins with noticing your thoughts about the coronavirus situation. 

Is your inner monologue focused on not getting sick? Do you catch yourself thinking things like “I can’t get this.” “I have to wash my hands so I don’t catch it.” “I don’t want to get my family sick.” “I don’t want to do the wrong thing.”

It’s a lot like “trying not to screw it up” when speaking. It’s also like going river-rafting and trying not to hit the rocks. When we focus on the rocks we’re much more likely to hit them. And, it feels worse.

If you’re catching yourself thinking those coronavirus thoughts, your unconscious intention is to avoid dangerAs a result, you’re focused on the danger and you’re feeling the danger (and all of the associated hormones, coursing through your body.) 

Now, notice what happens when you shift your intention from avoiding danger, to supporting your health. Say to yourself, “Washing my hands for twenty seconds supports vibrance and health.” “I’m stocking my house with extra food in support of my health.” “I’m staying home from a group event in support of my vitality.” 

This way of thinking is like going river rafting and setting our intention to have a smooth ride down the river. Or a wild crazy adventurous trip. 

One is reactive and the other is proactive. One is based on fear, and the other is based on love. 

Now, with your health goggles on, you can feel your intuition and take the proactive steps that help you live with intention and purpose … now and in the future. 

Listening to your intuition with your health goggles on is an act of self-love.

Will you love yourself enough to do that?

With passion and love, 


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