COVID Clarity

by Lauri

In the midst of something of the magnitude of COVID 19, it can be powerful to take a moment to pause, reflect, and make meaning for ourselves out of the experience. 

For example, the coronavirus shake up is reminding me of another intense and powerful period in my life: The shattered forward time right after my mother passed away. In the midst of that huge shift, that deep and profound grief, I felt like I had inherited my mother’s grace. For 8-12 months after she passed, I saw the world with complete and utter clarity. (I also inherited her taste for avocado. Up until then I’d hated avocado. To this day, I can’t get enough of it.)

I’m experiencing something similar in the midst of the coronavirus. Many people are experiencing or are on the verge of this kind of profound clarity. COVID is creating a huge shift. We’ve been shaken up. 

Sometimes we’re afraid. 
At times I’ll be in the middle of a simple, joyful moment, and then I’ll flash on a possible future where I contract COVID and give it to my boyfriend … That is a horrific fear. 

Sometimes we’re grieving.
I miss theatre. Gathering together, live in the same space, connecting deeply and creatively, and making art that touches people in a way that no other art can. A collective human experience. I just learned that a 2017 study found that peoples’ hearts beat at the same time during a live theatre performance. Everyone’s hearts beat as one.

Sometimes we’re grateful.
The COVID clarity is making me profoundly grateful for loving and being loved by my boyfriend, for my deep connection to my friends, and for the honor of working with and witnessing my clients as they courageously navigate this challenging time. 

We’re on a roller coaster ride of fear, grief and gratitude. Each feeling in its own way narrows our focus: shining a light on what matters most.

To create some COVID clarity of your own, ask:

If you are afraid … who or what are you afraid to lose?

If you are grieving … who or what are you missing? 

If you are grateful … who or what are you grateful for?

Drop me an email or reply in the comments. I’d love to hear about what matters most to you right now. 

With passion & love, 



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