Home Study

with Lauri Smith

A binge-worthy home study program for sensitive visionaries, ambitious empaths, and loving rebels who long to unleash their presence and share their magic in a bigger way on the world stage. 

In this program, you will learn how to align your presence with your message, own your wacky wildness, and breathe life into your speaking. 

It’s not just what you say … 

It’s also how you say it!

It’s not enough to communicate clearly and articulately.
Charisma is no longer optional. 

Leaders need to inspire, connect with,
and evoke transformation in their audiences. 

This program will help you find your voice
and come alive from head-to-toe!

Lauri will guide you through a journey on the Vocal Presence Path:
the step-by-step road-map for speaking
with both passion and an open heart.

How it works

Look forward to

  • Clearing the soul sucking static that stops you from fully expressing your voice and your gifts.
  • Speaking from a sense of purpose (instead of walking on egg-shells).
  • Embodying confidence from the inside out.
  • Nourishing your body with breath and your speaking with dynamic spaciousness.
  • Energizing (instead of EFFORTing) the crowd.


  • Access to the Soulful Speaker Home Study program for 1 year
    (Value: $900)
  • 8 modules with 75 bite-sized, easily digestible lessons designed to lay the groundwork for transformation at your own pace
    Do one lesson a day, one a week, or binge-watch!
  • Video and audio lessons, transformational practices, inquiries and “lifework” 
  • Walk the path with kindred spirits and fellow participants for support, connection, and shared transformation 
  • A bonus “Kitchen Sink” module
    (Value: $100)
You are a unique and beautiful soul.

Your voice is needed in the world.

“Lauri’s vocal presence coaching has been inspiring, demanding and rewarding. I especially appreciate how the 7 Step Vocal Presence Path gives me a scaffold which I can use whenever and wherever I speak. The feeling of connecting with others and then sharing what matters to me is liberating and exhilarating!”

Jean Kathryn Carlson

Vibrant Living Alchemist