You may be wondering, is Lauri wearing a bathrobe in the photo on the left? Is Lauri’s hair wet?

Yes, and yes!

A few weeks ago I challenged you to Stop Trying So Hard.

I’ve discovered a surprising place that I was working too hard and I wanted to share it immediately, RawThentically, and in progress – so I grabbed a camera and took that selfie.

Just after sharing the “stop trying so hard” post discussing the value of aligned action over hard work, I found myself with Nicole at Tailored Salon getting my hair cut. I was telling her all about how much time I spend at war with my gray hairs, attempting to get my hair to look as good as I know it can (given Nicole’s rockstar cuts.)

She asked, “Are you blowing your hair dry every time you wash it?”

“Why, yes. Yes I am…”, I replied (with a hint of martyrdom in my voice).

She then suggested that I NOT blow it dry every, time. She said that the texture of my lovely grays might respond better if I let them dry on their own, with just a little product in my hair.

I thought, “What – there’s no way it can be that easy.”

Nevertheless, I tried it. At first, I tried it when I would be home alone and no one would see me.

It’s been three weeks (over half way to my next hair cut – which is a pretty big hair milestone for me). I’ve let it air dry every single day and I’m LOVING it.

It’s easy. Instead of fighting with my hair, my hair and I are working in alignment with one another. Just a little product, a little shaping to follow where my hair wants to go, and my hair looks textured. Some people would say “it looks good, and it looked great before too.” (Aren’t we all more picky about our hair than everyone else is?) But here’s the thing, the separated, textured look is the way I like it. It feels like me. I was spending so much time trying to make my hair look that way, I was preventing my hair from showing me the way.

I’m sharing this with you because I believe we all find ways to work too hard in every corner of our lives. That’s how we stop ourselves from listening to our intuition, doing what we really want (that might scare us) and creating things only we can create from our zone of genius. We distract ourselves in surprising ways. I distracted myself with my hair. Yes, all that effort on my hair on my hair took time and energy that are better spent elsewhere.

  • What crazy corner of your life are you working too hard?
  • What are you distracting yourself from with all of this hard work?
  • What might be possible if you freed yourself and unleashed that time and energy?

Will you find one place in your life, no matter how crazy, wacky, or insignificant it might seem, and work less hard. Then notice what shifts for you.

With passion & love,

The photo on the right is a selfie of the “finished product” (My hair is dry and I got dressed.)