STOP TALKING!!!!! heart-mind

(I’m speaking to my head.)

It chatters on and on and on, trying to control every last detail of my life.

I’m so tired. That’s making me tired. Aren’t you tired of all that planning and re-planning and trying to figure it out?

Wait, I think that’s my head talking to my head.

Why do I keep going to my head trying to figure things out? Trying to control.

More than once my heart has awakened, like layers of ice melting away. And yet, I return to shielding my heart again and again and again.

Albert Einstein said, “The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift and the Rational Mind is a Faithful Servant.”

I want to live by this philosophy. My heart has never steered me wrong. Yet, for some reason I keep trying to lead … to navigate the world, to build my business from my head. My head is not bad, its just not my heart. I have a beautiful mind – when it does its job: executing the vision of my heart. The knowing in my gut. I am not in my “zone of genius” when my head is leading from the front.

I spent the weekend before last in a room filled with love. In the midst of the fear, hate and violence in happening in Virginia. I am very lucky.

In that room my heart opened once more and I realized, it’s time to live from my heart. Seriously. Radically. A full heart creates a full life.

The heart openness is what allows my wisdom-mind and my gut to communicate. It’s as if impulses … Stop! (Oops, I’m thinking now. Trying to sound esoteric and profound.)

Again and again I’m learning that my path now is through the heart. From the heart. Leading with it. Living from it.

“Brain, thank you for protecting me through high school. Thank you for taking the lead. If I’d been in my heart all the way through high school I probably would’ve exploded – or imploded.”

(One moment of two friends rolling their eyes about me when I was just being me during basketball practice and I locked that heart up in a fortress.)

“Ssssshhhhhh. I’ve got this. You don’t have to protect me anymore.”

(A few moments of silence and then .. )

“But what about – ”

“Ssssshhhhhh. Peace. Presence. Be here now.”

“But – ”

“Ssssshhhhhh… All shall be well.”

I like it now. The way my heart feels. Awake. Alive. Warm. Tender. Tapped in. Connected. Let’s stick with this for a while …

With passion & love,

PS – My new theme for 2017 (yes folks, this is the third one this year) is
Living From the Heart. I’m committed to living from the heart.

This feels right. Thrilling – and a touch scary. There’s a sense of letting go of control (a control I’m pretty sure none of us actually have anyway) and stepping forward into the unknown. Sometimes I feel more like I’m running forward into the unknown, or in a slow-motion free-fall. WOOHOOO!!!!!