Working in groups is a powerful and vital part of becoming a compelling speaker and unleashing your innate, unique charisma.

As a speaker, the crowd is both your scene partner and your audience. Yet in the real world, that crowd doesn’t always feel safe. After all, the “real world” is the place that tried to convince you that you were “too much,” “not enough,” and “too emotional” all at the same time.

Practicing with a sacred group of like-hearted peers – where you can be witnessed, supported, and held – prepares you for the real audiences you will face.

By working in the safety of an intimate circle, you will form new neural pathways and body memories that remind you that you are more than enough – you’re one of a kind!

What’s possible:

  • You are fully present in your own skin while deeply connected to others
  • You awaken, energize and inspire the crowd
  • You move people – to laughter, to tears and to action
  • You touch your audience with the heart-centered power of your presence
  • You feel grounded, vibrant and in flow while evoking transformation in your audience
  • You are prepared to speak on any stage, from TED talks to workshops to FB lives and videos

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Lauri truly acknowedges the person in front of her and, because of this, she is unusually sensitive and perceptive. She will see you even when you do not.

Ara Glenn-Johanson

Actor & Educator
Lauri holds a very safe space for everyone to express their authentic, flawed, and perfect selves. She models what she teaches beautifully, standing in herself confidently and effortlessly. In her workshop, I was able to access a vulnerable speaking issue that I’ve struggled with my whole life but never had the courage to look at with anyone. I walked away from it with a greater understanding of myself and of how to create what I want in the realm of speaking. I would recommend her work to anyone with a message that they want to get out to the world.
Lani Yadegar
Relationship and Dating Coach, Social Studio Coaching, Berkeley, CA
Lauri’s experience and mastery of the vocal arts comes out during her teaching. Her teaching touched my heart and empowered me to stand up and claim my voice.
Corey Vanderwouw
Owner, Somatic Life Coach and Intuitive Bodyworker, Body Healing Arts

Lauri Smith is an engaging, dynamic leader and coach.  I was a participant in Lauri’s Vocal Presence workshop and I cannot express the impact with enough words.  The benefits extend from my one-on-one conversations to larger group work too.  She has a warm and creative way of training you to comfortably express your passion, purpose and message.  The workshop is so much fun, that I didn’t even realize the ‘work’ I was doing until the end of the workshop and I stood in front of the group and impactfully spoke like time was standing still.  Thank you Lauri!

Kristen Bentley

CPCC, PCC, Owner & Founder of Whole-Life Leadership, Faculty with The Co-Active Training Institute

Lauri Smith is one of the most personally motivating and inspirational instructors I’ve had. Her ability to see and draw out her students’ potential is empowering.
Rachael Hammer
Student, Mountain View, Ca