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Do you feel that you have something to say to the world but, when you do speak, your experience varies greatly? Sometimes you’re vibrant and in the flow state, while bringing your audience to tears. Other times you feel like a deer in the headlights, stuck in energetic quicksand or that you’re going through the motions with your audience only politely tolerating your presence.

That “hit or miss” experience can be frustrating and confusing.

Would you like to be fully present in your own skin while deeply connected to the crowd? Would you like to awaken, energize and move them (to laughter, to tears, to action) from there?

You can.

If you crave more aliveness and impact, practicing in a safe and sacred space in community with others is vital to your growth.

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Power 2.0

Master the Art of Assertiveness
Beginning Feb 25th, 2020

Courageous Leader

A transformational program for change-makers, entrepreneurs, and rebels
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Compelling Speaker

Master the Art of Charisma
Coming in September

In order to move your audience, you have to connect to something moving in yourself.

Lauri Smith, Voice Matters

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