by Lauri


Many of us stumble through the holiday season embodying more of a daze than peace on earth. We can get seduced into prioritizing the hustle and bustle of finding the perfect present or the best parking spot over the things that really matter the most to us.

As you move forward through the rest of the Holiday Season, take a moment to reconnect to what matters to you. What’s most important? Is it really getting the last hot toy of the year before someone else does or beating someone in a race to the checkout line? While those may be fun moments (who doesn’t love a little competition now and then), most of us truly care more about presence, love and connecting to our loved ones at this time of year.

What if the cookies, the egg-nog and the presents could express and enhance love rather than trying to replace it?

Keep in mind that Holidays are a complicated time of year. Some people are having the time of their lives. Others are carrying deep pain around underneath a protective, jolly smile. Some of us experience both.

The more we can be present and connected to ourselves and others, while honoring the important things, the more we can create compassionate space for everyone to have their own nourishing experience.

With passion & love,
Happy Holidays!

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