with Lauri Smith

A voice matters Program

you can fit into your life
on your own time
in the privacy of your own space.

Are you ready and willing to stand in your power, speak your truth, and Lead?

It’s not just what you say … 

It’s also how you say it!

It’s not enough to communicate clearly and articulately. Charisma is no longer optional.
Leaders need to be able to influence, motivate, inspire, connect with and emotionally move their audiences.

This program will will help you find your voice and unleash your presence. 

In this program, Voice Matters CEO Lauri Smith
will guide you through a journey on the Vocal Presence Path:
the step-by-step road-map for speaking with both passion and an open heart.

How it works

What you’ll learn

  • How your Soul Suckers™ hold you back from fully expressing your voice and your gifts.
  • How to communicate from a Sense of Purpose, rather than attempting to avoid land mines.
  • What it feels like to embody your most confident self from the inside out.
  • How to Nourish your body with breath and your speaking with confident spaciousness.
  • What it means to Energize (as opposed to EFFORT) a space.
  • How to take people on a journey with you as you speak.

What you get

  • 9 Lessons – designed to be taken one per week for 9 weeks (but you can binge your way through if you prefer).
    Lessons are designed to be simple and easily digested, while creating profound impact in how you show up in your world.
  • Videos, Written Exercises and Audio mp3s
  • Thought provoking questions and exercises
  • Access to an online community (of kindred spirits and fellow participants) for support, connection, and shared learning
You are a unique and beautiful soul.

Your voice is needed in the world.

“Lauri’s vocal presence coaching has been inspiring, demanding and rewarding. I especially appreciate how the 7 Step Vocal Presence Path gives me a scaffold which I can use whenever and wherever I speak. The feeling of connecting with others and then sharing what matters to me is liberating and exhilarating!”

Jean Kathryn Carlson

Vibrant Living Alchemist