Inspired Selling Webinar

Inspired Selling

Lauri Smith’s
Popular Voice Matters FREE Webinar
for Coaches, Entrepreneur & Emerging Leaders


Maximize Your Impact!  Discover the 7 Steps to
enroll others in your cause and mesmerize and inspire crowds.
No one else offers this powerful, unique approach.
Speak Soulfully When It Counts.

Thursday September 22 at 1pm PST

Do you long to stand powerfully in your own skin; feeling present, connected, and fully alive … even when selling?

As entrepreneurs, we need to sell our services. Unfortunately “sell” has become a dirty word and many of us feel dirty or guilty when we do it. Come to this FREE Webinar to find out how to connect the act of selling to your “Why” and breathe life into the sales experience.

One of our most powerful tools is the resonance of our voices. Our vocal presence helps us build our businesses and enroll others in our cause. We can use our voices to engage with and hold space for others – taking them on a journey. And yet, aside from professionally trained actors, there is very little training out there related to presence and the voice – until now.

During this FREE Webinar you will learn how to:

– Sell your services from an inspired place – both literally and figuratively

– Feel and convey confidence and trustworthiness

– Create an engaging space that encourages listening

– (Re)Discover your natural gifts and what’s holding you back from expressing them

– Be assertive (without becoming aggressive)

Join Voice Matters’ CEO Lauri Smith as she shares the 7-Steps on her Vocal Presence Path™ – empowering us with tools which, when practiced regularly, help us become grounded and confident. With the Vocal Presence Path, we can speak clearly, articulately and charismatically even in “on the spot” moments – the moments that matter the most to each of us.

It’s time to use your voice to share your gifts and create the impact you desire!

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