A friend sent me this video. She said it made her think of me.Instrument of love.jpg

The themes in the speech include using your voice, letting your life sing, and helping to bring harmony.

The world is not in harmony right now. We are not in harmony when we speak.

Two questions dropped into my head.

“Are you using your voice?”

and then

“HOW are you using your voice?”

Many of us are using our voices as weapons of destruction, meant to tear the “other side” down. To tear other people down.

What if, instead, we used our voices as the instruments of love that they are meant to be?

I’m going to use my voice as an instrument of love this week. I will thank people when they help me. I will express gratitude for the people closest to me. I will speak my truth from a place of love even when I disagree with someone. Will you join me?

With passion & love,