Last week I shared about the journey to my TBA Audition.  After extracting the kernel of truth from the BookJacket_2461Soul Suckers swirling messages, I released them from the responsibility of being in charge and then prepared in a way that honored my Sense of Purpose and 2016 theme – Carpé Diem.

The audition itself became a potent example of a “moment that mattered.”  On that day, I actively went through the very experiences that my clients go through in the moments that matter to them, and consciously walked the Vocal Presence Path in order to show up as my most compelling self.

I woke up at 6am that Saturday morning and immediately noticed an incredibly potent and forceful energy flowing through me, even though the audition wasn’t scheduled until 2:45pm.   The Soul Suckers attempted to make me wrong for feeling these intense sensations.  I released them from controlling me (again) and rooted in a Sense of Purpose by setting my intention for that day: dynamic, creative fire.  I warmed up and went to yoga – both of which helped me with steps 3-5 on the Vocal Presence Path – Embody What’s Important, Breathe Life into the Experience and Energize Self & Space.  Instead of allowing my Soul Suckers to make me “wrong” for experiencing the powerful energy and visceral sensations I was experiencing, I harnessed those sensations.

When I stepped onto the stage to begin my audition, I breathed life into the experience again.   It’s so tempting in the middle of a heightened moment, such as the TBA Auditions, to hurry.  Remember, at these auditions, we only have two minutes to perform before someone yells “TIME” – and I had chosen to do two contrasting monologues within that time-frame to give them a glimpse of my range as a character actor.  When walking out and facing hundreds of people with the power to cast you (or not) in the midst of a sea of other competing actors (many of whom are rushing and are in the middle of an adrenaline-fueled, amygdala-hijack, fight or flight response) the temptation to launch into the introduction at warp speed is palpable.

I took a deep breath, let that breath out, and then inhaled another nourishing breath before introducing myself. This is really important for these auditions because prior to introducing ourselves we have all the time in the world. Once we have finished our introduction a two-minute timer starts and that’s all the time we have to show them what we’ve got and convince them to hire us.  As I breathed, I energized the space, wrapping my energetic arms around everyone in the theatre.

During my big breath at the beginning, I also connected (truly madly and deeply) by making eye contact with someone that I knew in the crowd.  This meant going straight into a fiery, sensation-filled intimacy (even though part of me wanted to run and hide).  As it is for many of us, it’s much easier for me not to directly connect while pretending to be “fine”.  By Anchoring with one kindred set of eyes, I stepped into a vulnerable, open-hearted space – allowing myself to be seen by everyone.  Then, I began my monologues, keeping myself in Balance (rather than over-efforting, adding excess tension throughout my body and engaging from the Control physicality).  Monologue 1 (the easier one for me) felt good.  The energy flow felt similar to some of my better rehearsals.  And then, as I started monologue 2, something extra flowed through me.  It was a powerful creative flow that felt like it was coming from the room and through me.  I felt scare-cited (a little scared and a lot thrilled) as I rode this new energy.

I finished, thanked everyone and exited the stage.  I went to sleep that night feeling that I’d fully honored my theme for the year of Carpe Diem as well as my intention for that day of dynamic, creative fire.

During my audition process, I simultaneously challenged and grounded myself with the Vocal Presence Path.  My challenge to you is this: for your next moment that matters, pick one step on the path that you intuitively know will simultaneously connect you to your most compelling Self and take your communication as a Leader to the next level for the sake of your impact.  Then take a moment to let me, our Facebook Group or even one of your friends know how working that step goes.

Break a leg 😉

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