Years ago, just after discovering how to teach voice for theatre students my way, I got some bad news. I learned I was no longer going to be teaching the class that I’d grown to love so dearly. As I struggled with the change, my coach blurted,

“You keep talking about your purpose as if it’s a job. Your purpose isn’t some job. Your purpose is within you and you can bring that to anything you do.”

Last week I had a session with a client who’d written her life purpose statement. Now, when she says her life purpose statement aloud, she turns the volume down on the static and up on the beautiful, unique her that I’ve been seeing all along. Powerful. Heart-open powerful.

As she shared her life purpose statement she felt relief. She felt gratitude. She felt seen …

This is what I love about coaching. I’m not an expert with the power and the knowledge. While I am an expert on coaching, my clients are the experts on their lives. I didn’t give this client her purpose. Her purpose was already inside her.

(Incidentally, her life purpose statement isn’t her purpose. It’s a set of words that are so resonant for her that they help her to connect to that purpose and her inner knowing when she needs to.)

At first, her deepest, highest Self was blocked. I could see her highest Self all the time. My job has been to help her see through the fog … to help quiet the static. I’ve been holding up a mirror for her to help her see the Self that has been there all along.

I have so many friends and colleagues who feel like they don’t know their life purpose. They’ve been through leadership programs and coach training programs, they’ve received coaching for themselves and they’ve coached others. They’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on programs designed to help them “find their niche”. And still, they are frustrated because they think they don’t know their purpose.

They are looking outside themselves for some job, some quest, or someone else to give them their purpose. They are giving their power away to others.

No one else can give you your purpose.

No one else can take away your purpose.

Your purpose is within you and you bring it to everything you do.

What if you were to stop worrying about “finding your purpose” and trust that, just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and those Ruby Slippers, it’s been right there inside of you all along?

Stop looking outside of yourself and be YOU. Fully you. Irreverently, creatively you. In doing that, you will live your purpose.

With passion & love,

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