Master Class FREE Webinar

Lauri Smith’s
Voice Matters Master Class
for Emerging Leaders

Maximize Your Impact!  Discover the 7 Steps to
enroll others in your cause and mesmerize and inspire crowds.
No one else offers this powerful, unique approach.
Speak Soulfully When It Counts.

Tuesday March 22nd at 1pm PST


Do you …

  • Want to inspire others?
  • Strive to increase your Leadership Presence?
  • Dream of giving a TED Talk

What do these five goals have in common? Voice Matters

One of our most powerful tools is the resonance of our voices. Our voices help us build our businesses and close deals by enrolling others in our cause. We can use our voices to engage with and hold space for others – taking them on a journey.  And yet, aside from professionally trained actors, there is very little training out there related to the voice – until now.

In this FREE Webinar you will learn how to:

  • Become a vessel for your message – an organism of purpose.
  • Move beyond surviving when you speak to thriving
  • Take yourself – your voice, presence and impact – to the next level

Join Voice Matters’ CEO Lauri Smith as she shares the 7-Steps on her Vocal Presence Path™ – empowering us with tools which, when practiced regularly, help us become grounded and confident.  With the Vocal Presence Path, we can speak clearly, articulately and charismatically even in “on the spot” moments – the moments that matter the most to each of us.

Whether your biggest dream as a Leader is giving a TED Talk or, like Rosa Parks, being able to stand up for what’s right when it matters most, you will speak with confidence, power and an unmistakable authenticity that will resonate with your audience. You will be heard.  You will move people.

It’s time to use your voice to create the impact you desire!

Take your first step and


You may be tempted to turn away, to put off making a decision, to shrink from your calling or claim you’re just not sure.
I encourage you to stay – the world needs your authentic voice now more than ever. Your voice matters.