Name Your Price

Your Voice Matters

Use it to Name Your Price in July

I want you to be able to live your life speaking from the Voice of your Soul in the moments that matter most to you.  I also believe that the world needs you to be able to do this because it needs the full expression of your purpose, the full you and your full impact.  Your Voice Matters … and its needed in the world.

When I work with people through Vocal Presence Pathways™ and Co-Active Leadership coaching, I get to witness people embodying their true selves.  It’s like watching a living inner light bulb turning on and then growing brighter and brighter.  People are empowered as they find their literal and creative voices and learn to trust their inner wisdom as they share the Voice of their Soul with the world.  I’m so unbelievably grateful for this work and its impact.

If you’re ready to Find, Trust and Share the Voice of Your Soul with the world when it matters most to you, then I’ve got an amazing offer for you….

For the next 48 hours use your voice to name your price on my services.  Seriously.  Tap into your inner voice, feel for the right price, and name it.  While I reserve the right to respectfully decline your offer if needed, my intention is to accept them all, so go for it.

Why I’m doing this:
– I’m on a mission to make Vocal Presence Pathways™ and Coaching accessible and available to everyone.
– A friend of mine tried this, I loved the idea and got curious about doing it myself.

The deadline:
This sale will last from 3pm Tuesday July 1, 2014 until 3pm Thursday, July 3, 2014

What you get:
A 40-minute session with me. Choose between the following:
– Vocal Presence Coaching via Skype
– Vocal Presence Coaching in person (in San Mateo, Ca)
– Co-Active Leadership coaching via phone

How it works:
If you are interested, send me an email with following information:
– what you’d like to buy
– your offer

The rules:
– One per person (you may purchase more as gifts for others)
– Offer must be accepted and payment made before the deadline
– In-Person sessions will take place in San Mateo, Ca
– Sessions must be used during the month of July
– No refunds, but you can gift your session to someone else if you can’t use it
– This sale is open to everyone, even if you are a current or past client