Do you feel like you’ll never have enough experience?

Does this fear hold you back from taking action on the things that are important to you in your life?

Here are 3 ways to move past the “I don’t have enough experience” Imposter Monsters …

1) Embrace That You’re Different
The underlying message in the Imposter Monsters’ soul sucking message is “You’re different.” Unfortunately those same soul suckers think our differences are a problem and that we must hide, fake it and pretend to be like everyone else in order to cover up our differences. Instead … try embracing your differences. Same-ness is boring. Same-ness doesn’t create growth or learning or change (And your soul already loves you for your differences.)

2) Own the Value in Your Experience
My colleague Jessica Mastors once said “Everyone has a unique constellation of experience.” I LOVED that way of putting it. Just like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two people’s constellation of experience is the same. A 55 year old male CEO has a different set of experience than a 24 year old female employee fresh out of college. A politician with 40 years of experience in politics has a different set of experience than a 20 year old economics/political science student. A public speaking coach with a background in playwriting has a different constellation of experience than a speaking coach with a background in acting. Everyone’s perspective is equally valuable. What if, because of his beginner’s mind, that 20 year old economics/poli-sci student holds the keys to one day (hopefully soon!) saving the USA from the brink of disaster?

3) Focus on Serving
Now that you’ve begun to embrace your difference and own your unique constellation of experience, stop focusing on you. Start focusing on how you can serve others from wherever you are right now. After all, the world needs a lot of help. You matter. Your story matters. Your experience matters. And, even if you don’t believe that yet, I do. We need you, your presence and your gifts to make the world a better place.

With passion & love,

PS – Here’s a related video I shot recently. Enjoy. I hope it helps!