NOW (& Later)

by Lauri

I’m sitting in Philz coffee in Berkeley, typing away before my rehearsal tonight. In the midst of balancing theatre, my business and my life with my partner, I hear this thought in my mind’s ear…

“I love my life now, and I love where it’s headed.”

I remember saying this to a coach years ago. I’m a verbal processor, so I was about to blow right past it when she stopped me – pointing out how powerful a thought it actually is.

Today, I allow it the space to ring in my mind while I feel it’s resonance.

“I love my life now and I love where it’s headed.”

As it floats through my brain, I feel a sense of giddiness. I love that bubbly gratitude. It’s alive. I also love the phrase because it helps those of us who are leaders, change-makers and entrepreneurs to practice gratitude while also working toward change.

  • What do you love about your life exactly as it is right now?
  • What’s the “more” you’re creating?
  • What’s it like to embrace both?

With passion & love,


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