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Offerings for Individuals

The Voice Matters programs are right for you if you’re ready and willing to stand in your power, speak your truth, and create an amazing life – on your terms!

Featured Offerings …


NEW Speaking Mastery Circles

If you crave more aliveness and impact, whether you’re a professional or an aspiring speaker, practicing in a safe and sacred space in community with others is vital.
I’m excited to announce that I will now be offering Speaking Mastery Circles once a month. Speaking Mastery Circlesv4.png

Speaking Mastery Circles are ideal for change-makers (teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, thought leaders) who want to do more than communicate – who want to MOVE people – every time they speak.

  • Go beyond your comfort zone into your charisma zone
  • Embody and convey confidence and authority … anytime, anywhere
  • Feel grounded, vibrant and in flow while evoking transformation in your audience

You will be able to do more than communicate clearly and articulately.
You will be able to unleash your innate, unique charisma and to move people
– to laughter, to tears or to action.

Each Circle is limited to 12 participants. Every circle will be a unique experience including some interactive group exercises as well as “front of room” coaching.
If you refer a friend who is new to me and Voice Matters, you get in for free.
*Early bird ends Friday October 26 at 11:59pm pst

$1 Video Lesson: Embody What’s Important

If we’ve spent our lives habitually engaging with the world from A (Avoid) or C (Control) it can take some conscious time and practice to shift our patterns – particularly during heightened moments – the ones that matter to us. A Lot. The more something matters, the more tempted we may be to hide in A or attempt to force things from C

Learn what’s getting in the way of you engaging from B and how to shift yourself into B in order to feel and convey confidence & authority anytime, anywhere – from the Bedroom to the Boardroom to the TED Talks Stage.

Regularly part of a $300 course. Yours now for $1.


OWN YOUR STORY Program - Beginning December 8th

This transformational program
is for teachers, coaches, and entrepreneurs
on a mission to create change by serving others.

Are you feeling called to come out of hiding in order to serve others in a bigger way?

We are hard-wired to tell our stories. We also have a deep hunger to hear others’ stories. once-upon-a-time-719174_1920.jpg

This need to tell and listen to stories is part of being human. From the time we lived in caves all the way through to modern day technology of Facebook and podcasts, to be human has meant telling our stories.

It’s how we heal, connect, learn, and grow.

Your Voice Matters. Your Story Matters.

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Why is it important to share your story? 

  • You can use your unique, powerful story to promote your business
  • Identifying and telling your story can help increase your clarity and confidence in your work
  • People will get to know, like, and trust you – which they’ll want to do before choosing to work with you.

Are you ready and willing to stand in your power and speak your truth? 

Are you ready to Own Your Story? … 

Class size is limited to 12 participants. Early Bird ends Saturday November 17th
Watch Lauri Own Her Story on YouTube Now

“Lauri is incredibly gifted at unleashing the speaker’s natural fire and passion for speaking their authentic message.  If she charged $1000 for a day I would still think it was a steal of a deal.”

– Dr. Tina Thomas

Additional Offerings …

Voice Matters Home Study Program

A Voice Matters program

you can fit into your life
on your own time
in the privacy of your own space.

Lauri will guide you through the Voice Matters Vocal Presence Path using a combination of instructional videos, audio mp3s, written exercises and homework assignments.  Lessons are designed to be simple and easily digested, while creating profound impact in how you show up in your world.
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Voice Matters MASTERING PRESENCE Program - Returning Winter/Spring 2019

This transformational, 6-month program
is for change-makers
who are ready and willing to stand in their power
and speak their truth.

If you are a teacher, leader, or entrepreneur on a mission of helping to evoke transformation and growth … this master class in creative, charismatic speaking is for you.

It’s time.

The Next Program Launches Winter/Spring 2019 (Sign up for the waiting list for the next one)
Limited to 12 Participants.
(Spring 2018 Participants Can Log In Here)

Lauri's Book: Your Voice Matters - A Guide to Speaking Soulfully When It Counts

The first book by Voice Matters CEO and Vocal Presence Path creator is available now.

Buy the Book on Amazon Now.
Learn about the journey …

Voice Matters Audio Programs

These downloadable Audio Programs will help deepen your practice
and ease your journey on the Vocal Presence Path
Available Program: 21-Day Walk the Vocal Presence Path Challenge.

Email us to inquire about Find Your Breath, What Now: From Chaos to Order One Breathe at a Time, or the Quiet Leadership Audio Programs.

1:1 Coaching with Voice Matters CEO Lauri Smith

In addition to our programs and workshops, Lauri coaches a limited number clients one-on-one. We’ve found that the group setting is most helpful for a large portion of our clientele, so one-on-one coaching is primarily offered to those preparing for a specific speech and people enrolled in our longer programs.  Contact Lauri about availability and options or Schedule a Breathe Deep & Breakthrough Session Now.

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Breathe Deep & Breakthrough Session?

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When it comes to improving your speaking, your “work” is intuitive and internal … and yet you are not alone when doing it. The growth must happen in the presence of others. My job is to witness and hold safe, sacred space as you transform – shedding your old skin in order to reveal the deeper you that has been waiting to emerge.
 – Lauri Smith

Our offerings are all grounded in our method, The Vocal Presence Path.  In them, we utilize a combination of small group and one-on-one interactions. In order to accommodate a variety of learning styles and schedules, we offer several different products and programs to meet the needs of different organizations and individuals. These include: in-person workshops, interactive video courses, recorded audio programs, and more that will allow you to deepen your practice on your own on a daily basis.

Offerings for Organizations

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“With her ‘Vocal Presence – Find Your Voice’ workshop, Lauri displayed world class professionalism, polish and focus. Our participants were blown away.  She capitalized on every moment for each participant to have a powerful experience and to come away with a unique set of tools.  By the end of the workshop the participants expressed themselves in heightened situations using their individual, authentic Leadership voices. To this date, many of the participants are still talking about the workshop as it has made a difference in their professional and personal lives.”

Jack Jia
Founder, Trusper/Baynote/Interwoven
Partner, GSR Ventures
Angel Investor



Lauri is available as The Empowering Warm Up Act as well as for Keynote Speeches. Imagine a conference in which everyone is “tapped-in” to their full potential and on purpose while engaging with others as their best Selves. With Lauri kicking things off, that vision will be your reality.

Executive Coaching

Great leadership happens from the inside-out. Leaders need to grow themselves in order to maximize their impact, inspire excellence and achieve key goals. With her Executive Coaching packages, Lauri helps leaders and key team members realize their full potential. Many of Lauri’s Executive Coaching clients are focused on developing their Executive Presence while reaching higher levels within the organization. Using the principles of Co-Active Coaching as well as Lauri’s own Vocal Presence Path™, Lauri helps clients identify their unique strengths and gifts while walking the path of growth.

Executive Presence Workshops

Executive Presence is not optional. It’s no longer enough to communicate effectivelyleaders need to be able to influence, motivate, and inspire their collaborators and teams. It’s not (just) what you say, it’s how you say it. Imagine Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech. Now imagine that, instead of those words being spoken by Dr. King, that speech is being delivered by Richard Nixon …

Even though the words are the same, Nixon’s impact pales in comparison. Weaving together her extensive experience in the fields of theatre, leadership, speaking, voice work and mindfulness, Lauri can help your key team members access their innate, unique charisma in order to enroll others in their cause.

Creative Leadership: Team Building, Communication, and Collaboration Workshops

In today’s world, the only constant is change. What worked last year, last month, or last week probably won’t work today. In order to compete, employees need to adapt creatively and quickly – and teams need to work together in an efficient, collaborative way. During this workshop participants will discover what blocks their creativity. They’ll also learn how to focus on their vision for success while collaborating with others. From this interactive session, attendees will walk away with an experiential, embodied understanding of creativity and it’s opposite (resistance).

Assertiveness for Women Leaders Workshops

Women today are often told “You’re too aggressive, but still be assertive.” It’s tempting to write that feedback off as an impossible target to hit. It can feel like an unfair standard. However, there is an important difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness. With her assertiveness for women leaders workshops, Lauri will help your employees discover and hit that target.
(Watch this Video to Learn More)

Voice Matters Leadership Program for Organizations & Teams

A comprehensive, customized three to six month Team & Leadership Development Program.

This program develops the Leadership presence of each and every member of the team while helping to create a dynamic, innovative and productive working relationship among team members. By the end of the program, team members will have an understanding of their strengths as a Leader, where they go “off course” and how to get themselves back on track. In addition, they will have a deep, embodied understanding and connection to the mission and vision of their team and their unique role within the team. Finally, the entire team will foster trusting working relationships throughout the organization.

Schedule Time with Lauri or Contact Us to bring one of our programs to your organization!

We’ll work with you to determine which program(s) suit your team’s needs. Then we’ll customize the right program for your organization.

Yoga Teacher Training

Lauri works with emerging leaders and change-makers, helping them to speak soulfully when it counts so that they can manifest abundance & success on their terms.  She loves working with Yoga Teachers – a vital set of emerging leaders – because their work in the world lies at the heart of the evolution of human consciousness.

Lauri’s work aligns beautifully with the practice of Yoga.  She has integrated her Voice Matters work into Yoga Teacher Training Programs since 2008.  In 2017, she completed the SRI Yoga™ 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program. With the resonance of our voices and our silences, we create the atmosphere in our classrooms.  With her Vocal Presence Path™, budding Yoga Teachers will begin to …

  • Create and hold sacred, transformational space
  • Find and express their unique voice as instructors
  • (Re)Discover their natural gifts and what’s holding them back from expressing them
  • Learn to feel more confident and dynamic
  • Increase volume while maintaining authenticity

Program Options
Programs are tailored to meet the needs of the organization, including everything from brief talks to workshops lasting a few hours to courses covering extended periods of time.

Lauri’s programs qualify for the following Yoga Alliance Educational Categories:

  • Teaching Methodology: Includes principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, the student’s process of learning and business aspects of teaching yoga.
  • Practicum: Includes practice teaching, receiving feedback, observing others teaching and hearing/giving feedback. Also includes assisting students while someone else is teaching.

Schedule Time with Lauri or Contact Us if you’re interested in bringing her in as a guest teacher your Yoga Teacher Training.

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