Is your voice

helping you or hurting you?

That’s a question you may never have asked yourself before, yet it’s one of the most vital questions everyone must ask.

Whether You Are

  • Preparing for a high-stakes speaking engagement or video shoot
  • Giving frequent talks and need consistent, ongoing support
  • Simply wanting leadership coaching so you can show up powerfully in every area of your life

I can help you connect with your audience, make an impact and live an amazing life,

on your terms!


I’ll help you embrace your gifts, acknowledge your strengths and assess areas for improvement so you can begin becoming the magnetic and inspirational speaker you’re meant to be.

Lauri called me out to be me, without the armor that I use to hide. It was about embodying my message, breathing life into what I was saying. She made me realize that my message and the vision I have is so important, I need to feel it in my body and in my bones. Lauri showed me how to hold the room with my voice. It was less about what others are thinking of me and more about “This is me. This is my message” and standing powerfully in it. I was in complete alignment with my message.

Nikki Armytage-Foy

Founder of Electric Woman and CEO of TheLifestylist

Lauri’s work has been incredibly impactful. Before working with her, I had a lot of ideas that I could put on paper, yet I would have trouble putting them to voice. As a result of her techniques and training, I have found new, easy and authentic ways to connect to the message I am so passionate about and express it verbally. Lauri is an inspiration, and what is particularly inspiring is how she creatively and magically connects me to what inspires me and helps me get that out to the world with the impact and passion that I have longed to achieve. I would recommend Lauri’s work to ANYONE that wants to sharpen their number one marketing tool – you and how you say what you believe in.

Kristen Bentley

CPCC, PCC, Owner & Founder of Whole-Life Leadership, Faculty with CTI – The Co-Active Training Institute
One of the gifs Lauri bestowed me with was the gift of belief. She believed the fire in my eyes and encouraged me to pursue it. If you keep your eyes, ears and mind open, because of her professional and emotional investment in everything that she does, you can guarantee to see improvement within yourself sooner than you expect.

Bezachin Jifar

Actor, San Jose, Ca