As a young, undergraduate actor, I kept auditioning and auditioning and auditioning – and not getting cast. I would get up and try again and again and again … and still, I did not get cast.

I remember overhearing someone at a theatre party saying, “When is someone going to take a risk on Lauri Smith?”

Still, I did not get cast.

I would not stop.

Finally … I got cast.

It just struck me, while walking down a crowded, tourist-filled street in San Francisco, that I have done the same thing in my business for nine years.

Whether there are hundred people in the room or just two – I will not stop.

Whether I have 8 clients or 20 – I will not stop.

Whether I help one person or 10,000 – I will not stop.

This is bigger than my ego. My mission is more important than my fear.

I. Will. Not. Stop.

That is what makes a person unstoppable.

What are you so committed to that you will not stop?

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With passion & love,