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Last week I wrote about the importance of releasing the Soul Suckers from the responsibility of being in charge when it comes to asking for a raise.  When we do not truly value ourselves, our Soul Suckers tend to take charge of our words and actions (or lack thereof).  Once we’ve released them, asking for a raise can be an empowering experience.

Tip 2 – Identify the value(s) you are honoring by asking for the raise

Next, we need to Root in a Sense of Purpose (which will help us to tap into the part of ourselves that inherently values us.)

In order to do this, ask yourself this question:  What value(s) am I honoring simply by asking for the raise?

It takes courage to ask for a raise.  In addition to the potential outcome of getting paid more, we might be honoring values like adventure, taking a stand, daring greatly, vulnerable leadership, or any number of other options.  We also value ourselves simply by showing up fully to the conversation and asking.  By valuing ourselves in this way, regardless of the outcome, we build new neural pathways, body-memory and a kind of energetic escrow of confidence and trust in ourselves.

Stay tuned for more tips for the raise conversation coming soon.

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