Vocal Presence “Pay What You Can” Workshop – Nov 15th

Vocal Presence “Pay What You Can” Workshop

Nov 15th, 2014

Location – SF Bay Area – TBD

Lauri will soon be launching a Vocal Presence Teacher Training program. As part of her journey to design a training program, she’s hosting a Vocal Presence “pay what you can” workshop on Saturday November 15th. Two of Lauri’s friends and colleagues (Patricia Lawless and Loryn Barbeau) will be leading. Lauri will be in the room as an “angel”, chiming in as necessary.

We need attendees for this event. We’re specifically looking for people who fit one or both of the following conditions:

  1. Early adopters who LOVE the idea of seeing and experiencing the “backstage” happenings as well as the “onstage” content and experience. This could include people who have already attended in the past and want to experience the workshop again.
  2. People with limited income who want to attend and would jump at the chance for a Pay-What-You-Can offer.

Please email us if you’re interested in attending this one. We look forward to hearing from you!

(the next one led by Lauri will be on January 31, 2015)

Vocal Presence – Find Your Voice Workshop

If you want to take the next step in increasing the range of your voice and its impact, Lauri Smith invites you to explore Vocal Presence Pathways™.

“Lauri’s Vocal Presence workshop was very interactive and transformative. Though it was a group setting, I received plenty of feedback specific to my case.  I learned more from Lauri than I did working one-on-one with a speech therapist for 6 sessions and I left the workshop with more hope that my vocal presence will grow stronger and more impactful.  Thank you Lauri!”
Jenn Hall, MC
Co-Active Life Coach (Vancouver BC)


• Discover your natural gifts and what’s holding you back from expressing them
• Create an expressive space that enables listening
• Learn how to feel more confident and dynamic
• Find ways to increase your volume while maintaining your authenticity

What’s In the Way?

During the course of our lives, we develop ways of coping in the world. At first these coping mechanisms are a matter of choice – we choose whether to speak or hold our tongue, to express or to hold back. Eventually, these mechanisms become habitual patterns stored in the body. Essentially, we lose our ability to fully choose to respond authentically in the moment because our body’s patterns are holding us back. These patterns intensify any time we’re in a heightened situation – such as in front of a group. With Vocal Presence™ Work we can undo habitual patterns in the body, bringing back choice and enabling you to connect deeply, authentically and vocally in any situation.