Relationship Engagement ABCs

Despite all our efforts, there is no magic pill that makes connection easy.  Connection is vulnerable and intimate.  It involves opening our heart and taking a risk.  Balance/Be With (or Relationship Engagement B) as you may have guessed, is the place of balance, connection, presence and engagement.
  In this place we receive others in as much as we send ourselves out.  The photo below illustrates “Balance.”

Where in your life do you find yourself engaging from “Balance?”
How do you feel in the presence of others engaging from “Balance?”

Balanced Engagement

When we’re in Balance, we stand on the midpoint of our feet while placing them hip distance apart. We soften our knees and our hips while centering them over our feet. We open our hearts, centering our chest over our hips. We engage with a soft focus in our eyes while meeting others’ gazes. We become present in our bodies while being present with those around us. We send ourselves out through our heart and eyes while receiving others in.

When we are in Balance, we’re “all in.” We are utterly alive from head to toe and present in the moment. The part of us that knows we are enough is in the driver’s seat. From our balanced physical and energetic starting place, we are free to go anywhere and do anything.

Balance is the place of being “in flow” or “in the moment.” Balance is the place where we give and receive effortlessly and equally. We send ourselves out through our hearts and eyes as much as we receive others through our heart and eyes. It’s as if we’re breathing others in through our hearts. In Balance, we are comfortable in the space—the space of our own skin, the space with the crowd, the space of the silences.

There is a lot happening in the silence.