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The Voice of Your Soul Community

The Mission of Voice of Your Soul Community is to create a safe and sacred space for us to live the Vocal Presence Pathways™ together. It’s a place for us to practice being in conscious relationship with our connected, authentic, body-voices: The Voice of Our Souls. The Voice of Your Soul Community is a place for us to connect and hold each other accountable and keep the conscious relationship with the voice of our Souls alive. It’s a place where the learning is exponential because of the power of witnessing, holding space for each other and learning together. Join TODAY!



As a speaker, Lauri is known for her engaging, charismatic presence and her range.  She creates a sacred space, connecting deeply with the audience and taking them on a journey from wackiness to wisdom.  Lauri inspires audiences to connect to and create from their deepest Selves.

Lauri specializes in speaking and workshops on creativity and the literal and figurative voice.  If you are interested in scheduling an event or in discussing speaking topics in detail, please contact Lauri at speaking@LauriSmith.com or 650-888-3950.

“Words have become the things we hide behind rather than the tools we use to enhance connection.  As leaders, our impulse to speak must begin in the pre-languaged, connected space – the space of the cry, the scream, the gurgle and the laugh.  It is from that space that we can truly inspire our audience and increase our impact.”

– Lauri Smith

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