I was just making lunch. An egg on top of a bowl of rice, chicken and veggies.

I like to flip the egg over in the pan without using a spatula – flipping it like people flip pizza.

My mom and I used to have contests doing this. We’d try it out and report back during our weekly chats. “How many did you flip this week?”

Today, I tried to flip my egg carefully at first. That didn’t get me very far – It only sort of half flipped. Then I straightened it out and flipped again. With gusto. Fully committed. It flew into the air and dropped back down into the pan. So satisfying. So fun.

Then I realized how much like life that is … Going halfway is safe. There’s a cost in the safety. Many costs. Going halfway doesn’t produce enough energy to get the job done. It’s also not nearly as gratifying.

Going all out is more rewarding. Even the journey is fuller, regardless of how things turn out. And the worst that can happen is that – SPLAT – we have egg on the floor.

When we’re committed to something, sometimes we get a big splat, sometimes we get a masterpiece, and every once in a while we get my personal favorite – a splattered masterpiece.

With passion & love,

PS – Where can you commit more fully in your life? What might your splattered masterpiece look like?