We’ve been taught that hard work creates results. We’ve been told things like “no pain, no gain” and to “pick ourselves up by our bootstraps.”

What if that’s all bullshit?

I get seduced by those messages again and again. Fortunately (or unfortunately) in my case, the harder I work, the more I push people away. It didn’t give me the desired results.

In my 20s, I listened to the messages about working hard – and I got sick … A LOT. I remember sitting at my desk as an Executive Assistant trying to prove my value (to myself and everyone else) by working longer and harder than anyone else – including several of my bosses – while doing theatre at night! In my 30s I started taking better care of myself. I was building the muscle of trusting my intuition. Now, in my 40s, I make sure that I’m well-nourished so that I can operate at full-capacity (rather than running myself ragged until I drop). I trust my intuition more and more. Paradoxically, I get better results when I listen to my body and follow my intuition.

What have I learned?

Yes, hard work creates results.
Aligned action creates BETTER results.

Here’s my challenge to you this week. STOP TRYING SO HARD. Say no. Say no to someone who’s asking you to help them with their priorities. Say no to the soul suckers trying to seduce you into running and running and running on that hamster wheel.

Try it. For one week. I dare you. Then email me or comment on the blog and let me know how it goes.

With passion & love,


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