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Vocal Presence™ – Share Your Voice Series (Virtual Workshop)

 “Vocal Presence™ – Share Your Voice” focuses on deepening the learning from the initial Vocal Presence workshop and creating an ongoing community support system as you make the work a reality in your world.  

The series includes continued opportunities to practice the techniques.  In this series we will take things to an even deeper level by working with more challenging material and situations, including assignments in-between meetings. (For CTI coaches, a good analogy is Find Your Voice is to Fundamentals as Share Your Voice is to the Intermediate Courses – Fulfillment, Balance and Process)

The “Vocal Presence™ – Share Your Voice” Series will meet virtually (via phone and Google Hangouts) from 10am-12pm Pacific Time on Tuesdays March 25th, April 15th and May 6th.  The cost is $100 for the entire series.  $50 deposit will be required.

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