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Take the First Steps to Thriving in the Conversations that Matter

If we’re living fulfilling lives, every so often we’re going to find ourselves having important conversations.  Fortunately, this is a hot topic these days among emerging leaders.  I’m thrilled to see people exploring actions to show up and speak their truth.  Unfortunately, the approach that most people take to this topic sets people off on the wrong foot right off the bat.

In the famous words of William Shakespeare’s Juliet,  “What’s in a name?”

In this case, nearly everything…

Most people refer to this hot topic with words such as these:

Having the Hard Conversations

If you want to shift from merely surviving key conversations to thriving in them, the name does matter.   If you start off by labeling the important conversations “hard” or “difficult,” you’ve already given in to an assumption of how it’s going to turn out.  Essentially, you’ve given the reins over to your Soul Suckers (who are likely bracing for impact, protecting you and shutting down your heart.)

As you prepare for these conversations, replace labels like “Hard Conversations” and “Difficult Conversations” with “Conversations That Matter.” 

That simple adjustment will help you to Release Your Soul Suckers from the responsibility of being in charge.  Next, you can root in a Sense of Purpose even further by asking yourself, “What’s Important to me in this ‘Conversation that Matters?’”

Finally, as you enter the conversation, embody what’s important while breathing deep.

Do this sometime in the next few weeks.  Notice what shifts in your experience and your impact on others as you do.

All my best,

P.S. If you’d like some support releasing the Soul Suckers or you know someone who could use support, schedule a free 30-minute Breathe Easy Consultation. I can help.