It’s quiet here. Still. In the place of following my inner knowing. Dancing to the beat of my own drum.

Sometimes this quiet freaks me out. Sometimes it feels really amazing.

I’m noticing that dropping into my heart-body can make this “free writing” thing a touch harder. I’m not in a ranting place. My brain is probably the part of me that rants.

Oops. I think I just went up into my monkey-mind again. I have to keep my fingers moving for the free write. Does that mean that I’m making monkey-mind happen?

Let’s try this another way.

Earlier today I was not in clarity. I was not in my heart. Or my body. I was simultaneously wired and totally exhausted – spent from a meeting. During that coffee meeting it felt like we were working really hard to find each other. To connect. To be on the same page or speak the same language. That’s tiring. It’s hard to stay in my heart-body in those moments – when my heart-body feels … icky.

Does that mean it’s not meant to be? It seemed like there were all sorts of alignment – until we were sitting in front of each other. So my head wants to go back to the logic and the “but it seeeeeeemed” and my body, buzz buzz buzzing with exhausted, tired-wired energy, is telling me “Not right now.” Not in this moment.

My body knows a lot. My body never lies. My energy reflects a lot. My energy never lies.

I’m living in the intuition gym now. Strengthening my “living from the heart-body” muscle.

It’s weird that it’s quiet. It’s so temping to fill it with noise.

I’m choosing silence. And stillness. I’m choosing nourishing. And knowing. What if every moment of life could feel like the best moments on stage? Full. Fulfilling.

With passion & love,