‘Tis the Season

by Lauri

IMG_0578 We’re deep into the holiday season now – in between the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays in the US.  Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there is an atmosphere at this time of year.  It’s palpable.   There can be love and warmth… as well as getting hooked and pushing each others’ buttons.  For many, old patterns surface with enhanced clarity when we’re surrounded by family during the Holiday season.  Between now and New Year’s, take some time to notice your habits.  What is your breathing like?  Do you tend to engage from Relationship Engagement A, B or C?  Perhaps its different with different people.  Notice your habitual mental and physical patterning.  Then, choose one person or one situation to experiment with choosing new, Vocal Presence Path patterning.  Here are a few possibilities:

– Ask yourself what’s really important to you at this time of year.  Then embody what’s important to you, invite others into it with your presence and notice what shifts around you.

– Pick one person that you find yourself in Relationship Engagement A (Avoid) or Relationship Engagement C (Control) with often.  Actively choose to interact with them from Relationship Engagement B (Balance/Be With) and notice your experience from there.

– Next time you’re with the in-laws, practice using the Image Practice of Calling in an Ally: imagine an Ally standing behind you with a hand on the back side of your heart.  How does that impact you?

Happy Holidays!


PS – I originally wrote this in December of 2014.  Next time I’ll share how this challenge shifted my holiday experience.  In the meantime, feel free to share your experiences by commenting.


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