Voice Matters: Vocal Presence Path Training Program

Voice Matters: Vocal Presence Path Training

Have you ever watched Lauri, the Voice Whisperer, coaching someone and thought, “how does she do it?”

Do you have clients or students who have trouble speaking authentically, clearly and powerfully when it counts?

If you want to learn to help them identify and amplify their purpose, to speak with the voice of their souls, directly and confidently, to fearlessly embody their authentic voice, then sign up for the first ever Voice Matters: Vocal Presence Path training courses this summer.

Now you can learn to be a voice whisperer too…

Whether negotiating a raise, giving a presentation to a board, or addressing a crowd of thousands from a stage, you can help others speak with confidence, power and an unmistakable authenticity that will resonate with their audience. They will be heard.  They will move people.

Schedule a Breathe Deep & Breakthrough Session now to learn more or click on the links below to sign up.