Thursday April 5th I did my first ever Facebook Live. WooHoo! Road.jpg

Because it was a “first” I experienced a lot of the things that my clients go through all the time. So, I thought I’d take some time to tell you about my journey. Here’s how it went:

The road began with began with an intuitive knowing: It was time for me to show up in a brand new arena and be seen and heard and felt for the sake of something bigger. I knew exactly what my topic and the substance of what I’d be talking about would be. Saying “yes” to doing it from the place of adventure, possibility, and discovery felt thrilling.

Then came the preparation process. At first that phase was filled with ease, inspiration and creativity. And then, my “inner stage manager” took over as I shifted into a more of a planning/“doing” mode. After all, I did need to learn about the FB Live platform – and that kind of technology calls up the logical mind.

Somewhere around there, my Soul Suckers started fighting for control – trying to drive how I went about this. They were rolling EVERY detail over and over and over again in my mind (even those that had nothing to do with the technology). I’m not sure where my body was during the worst of this, but if you’d told me it had detached from my head I wouldn’t have been surprised.

The night before the FB Live I woke up at 12:38am and stayed awake until after 2am. (Does that ever happen to you?) Back to sleep for a bit and then up at 6am unable to go back to sleep.

I was excited. This was new. A first.

All of that for an event that was less than 10 minutes long – and I did it from the comfort of my own home!

So, what did I do to help myself along the way?

  • I released the Soul Suckers from the responsibility of being in charge
  • I reconnected to my WHY … asking myself “why on earth am I doing this again? Oh right. I want to help people…”
  • I connected to/came back into my body by doing yoga & Fitzmaurice Voicework®, dancing around my living room, and going for walks out in the fresh air.

(I did those things multiple times throughout the process)

Finally, as I hit the “go live” button, I pictured the face of a specific person where that green camera light shines from on my laptop. I started with that one person, then saw a few names on the feed and pictured their faces as well.

It’s been fun & rewarding to see that my first one is helping some people I might not have reached any other way.

Where is your road taking you?
What opportunities might allow you to show up and be seen for the sake of something bigger?
Who might you help if you said “Yes” … ?

With passion & love,

PS – I may be “hooked!” I’ll be doing another FB Live next Thursday at 1pm pst. In this one I’m going to share a surprising truth that will help ground your speaking. Make sure you “Like” my page to be notified when I go live!

PPS – I’m doing a Fitzmaurice Voicework workshop in San Francisco on May 15th. Check it out here