A few weeks ago, before heading off for a dream vacation in Hawaii, I had my first bikini wax.  Can you believe it?  At 44 years old, my first bikini wax! bikini-377487_1920What’s even more interesting than how long it took me to get one, is that I found myself musing on and learning from the experience.

I made the appointment for a bikini, full leg, eyebrow wax and toe nail paint change with trepidation.  I’ve lived with the impression that they hurt like the dickens (and a friend told me I’d better pop an Advil before the appointment … So I did).

I went in armed with a plan.  I wanted her to start with the bikini area (the hardest part) and end with the toe nail paint change. Her plan involved doing things in the exact opposite order.  Doh …

In years past, I probably would’ve attempted to control the experience, forcing the woman who, let’s face it, has way more experience than I do when it comes to bikini waxing, to do things my way.

Instead of controlling the experience and sticking to my plan, I surrendered to her…

Trust and surrendering can be hard enough with things like getting a massage.  I used to practice massage and I’ve held enough resistant arms to know.  When someone can’t relax and trust, they move their body instead of letting the massage therapist do it.  It takes even more surrender when you know that the person you’re trusting is doing something that will hurt. But here’s the thing … surrendering actually creates less pain and discomfort. Trusting creates ease.  Because I surrendered to and trusted in her, the experience went much, much better because of it.  I barely felt any pain at all.  Even in the … most challenging parts.

Where are you attempting to controll the uncontrollable in your life?

Where are you resisting as something unfolds?

Pick one situation in your life this week, surrender forward, and trust.  Notice what shifts for you.


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