What do you do when you just don’t have enough time?

The short answer is … you call bullshit!

We all have the exact same amount of time.

The more important question is, “Where are you spending the time you have?”

Are you devoting your time, energy and resources where you really want to – to the places that fulfill you and honor your values?

Or are you devoting your time, energy and resources to the places you think you “should” or you “have to.”

Here’s another way to look at this …

When you say to someone “No, I don’t have time.”

Are you really saying …

Option 1: “No, I can’t have that thing I really want, because I don’t have time…”


Option 2: “No. I’m devoting my time, energy and money to other things.”

Option 1 is just an excuse.  It’s your Soul Suckers giving you an excuse to distract you from what you really want OR its you giving an excuse, instead of politely telling someone else “No. I’m focusing on other things.” When we tell ourselves or someone else the story in Option 1, we’re either in victim mode or martyr mode.

Option 2 signifies empowered choice. You are standing tall in your truth and communicating that both to yourself and others. When we’re operating from empowered choice, we can often feel like we’re expanding or creating time.

This week, say three empowered “No’s” in order to create more time for the things that matter most to you. Share the story of your favorite NO in the Every Voice Matters Facebook group.

With passion & love,

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