It’s the 9th season and it’s finally happened – I’m hooked on NBC’s The Voice. (Many people are surprised that it’s taken me this long to watch. As a general rule, I avoid reality shows like the plague. The Voice has become the exception to the rule.)

I’m told by many people who’ve watched at least part of the other 8 seasons that this season is the best one to watch because it features the most talented group so far. And then, of course, there’s Jordan Smith…Jordan Smith

Why do we love Jordan Smith?

If you haven’t yet heard him sing I highly recommend that you check out his performances.  Here’s two:

Who You Are
Great is Thy Faithfulness (this aired the Monday following the Paris attacks)

With Jordan, its really more a matter of FEELING him sing than of simply hearing.

This is the main thing that separates him from a very talented group. He moves us with his voice. Every … single … time. Many of the singers still active in this season’s competition move us for moments or glimpses. And when Jordan sings, my hairs stand at attention, my entire body breaks out in chills and I often weep throughout his entire song.

How does he do that?

I know one thing, while he has impeccable technique, it is not his technique that makes me weep uncontrollably. His technique supports something greater…  A friend of mine said “It’s like his heart is wide open, lets you in, and dares you to look away. It’s a gentle fierceness.”

In Vocal Presence Path™ terminology, that man is rooted in a sense of purpose – he is singing for the sake of something, and we can feel that. He’s present. He’s connected (truly, madly and deeply) with the crowd. He wraps the crowd in his energetic arms and takes them on a journey – using every aspect of his being along the way.

When I watch/feel/listen … I experience Fierce Love. He stands for Unconditional Love. As he sings, with his vocal presence, it’s as if he’s telling the world “I’m here, standing in love, and I will be right here when you are ready to join me.”

Jordan, I’m in. What’s next?

With Unconditional Love,

PS.  It’s possible for all Leaders to move people with their voices while speaking.  Ask me how …