Meets Purpose

Hello, Fellow Visionary!

Let me guess…

You’re doing the work you came here as a Soul to do. You’re singing your life song.

You know your purpose and your mission, and the world stage is calling for you to share it in a bigger way.

You want to awaken, energize and move people.


When it’s time for you to speak, your voice shakes and your throat goes dry. Your words fall on deaf ears. Something is blocking your inner knowing and your ability to create the change in the world you know you are here to create. You can’t express your vision when it matters most.
I’ve been there.
Although I trained in acting for years, I didn’t always have those creative flow experiences. Sometimes I was in flow, and sometimes I felt like a deranged manikin. Working really hard, trying to connect with my scene partners and feeling like there was a glass wall between us. So I went on a quest to understand what created that flow and what blocked it so I could get there more often. What I found blew my mind: There is a primal life force in all of us that makes us alive from head to toe. When that primal force meets our purpose,  we become magnetic.

You + Me

As a Speaking Coach I won’t tell you what to say & how to move.
I will … 

  • Teach you to speak authentically & powerfully.
  • Show you how to use your body in service of your impact.
  • Help you find and step into your aligned power.

As a Leadership Coach I won’t try to make you fit someone else’s mold.
I will help you …

  • Tap fully into yourself.
  • Unleash your creativity and unique style.
  • Own a new kind of power: the kind that comes from the inside and radiates out.

You will learn to be YOU and have the impact only YOU can make.

Curious how?

I blend ACTING, LEADERSHIP & COACHING with a great deal of INTUITION.

In theater & film, there are 3 important jobs. As a Speaker, you try to do all of them!

the Writer

You write your own script. You focus on what you’re gonna say. You create the story.

the Director

As the outside eye, you weave everything together and help tell the story in a way the audience understands. You hold two points of view at once.

the Performer

You step up on stage and bring the story to life. You must be fully alive, from head to toe. You are the vessel through which everything flows.

In public speaking, the Performer is the job that gets overlooked the most.

Leadership programs may help you clarify your vision.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness can help you center, so you can be more present.

Toastmasters, books and Youtube videos will teach you one-size-fits-all, outside-in techniques.

If you want to be an inspirational leader, you need to find your true inner power.

You can’t learn to throw a football from reading a book…

…and you can’t learn to move a crowd by staring at your Powerpoint from the safety of your office chair.

Being a powerful speaker is an inside-out path. You have to BE PRESENT to HAVE PRESENCE. Present with yourself and present with others.

You have to:

  • Develop your instrument (YOU).
  • Remove the physical, mental, emotional and energetic blocks.
  • Retrain the body on how to breathe and energize the space.
  • Discover the primal, raw connection that we are all born with, then add words on top of that.
  • Clear the static that covers up the pure signal of your Soul, so that you can hear your intuition.
  • Speak from a different body-voice, one that others don’t know is possible. The primal, yet higher level of consciousness voice.
And before you know it…
You stand in your power and speak your truth. You’re deeply connected to the crowd. You move people to laughter, to tears and to action. Your intention finally matches your impact.
Lauri called me out to be me, without the armor that I use to hide. It was about embodying my message, breathing life into what I was saying. She made me realize that my message and the vision I have is so important, I need to feel it in my body and in my bones. Lauri showed me how to hold the room with my voice. It was less about what others are thinking of me and more about “This is me. This is my message” and standing powerfully in it. I was in complete alignment with my message.

Nikki Armytage-Foy

Founder of Electric Woman and CEO of TheLifestylist

Ways to Work with Me

One-On-One Coaching

Ideal for visionary souls who long for more impact and crave the kind of focused, individual support that accommodates busy schedules.


Transformative events for visionaries who long to speak from the heart and feel alive from head-to-toe while deeply connected to the crowd.

The Speakers Studio™

A sacred space for sensitive visionaries, ambitious empaths, and loving rebels who feel called to share their magic in a bigger way on the world stage.

My Promise to You

  • I will respect you enough to tell you the truth.
  • I will help you embrace your gifts WHILE walking the path of growth.
  • I will hold safe and sacred space for you to express your full self.
  • I will help you step into your true power and to hold the same safe, transformational space for others.

Lauri’s work has been incredibly impactful. Before working with her, I had a lot of ideas that I could put on paper, yet I would have trouble putting them to voice. As a result of her techniques and training, I have found new, easy and authentic ways to connect to the message I am so passionate about and express it verbally. Lauri is an inspiration, and what is particularly inspiring is how she creatively and magically connects me to what inspires me and helps me get that out to the world with the impact and passion that I have longed to achieve. I would recommend Lauri’s work to ANYONE that wants to sharpen their number one marketing tool – you and how you say what you believe in.

Kristen Bentley

CPCC, PCC, Owner & Founder of Whole-Life Leadership, Faculty with CTI – The Co-Active Training Institute
Lauri holds very safe space for everyone to express their authentic, flawed, and perfect selves. She models what she teaches beautifully, standing in herself confidently and effortlessly. In her workshop, I was able to access a vulnerable speaking issue that I’ve struggled with my whole life but never had the courage to look at with anyone. I walked away from it with a greater understanding of myself and of how to create what I want in the realm of speaking. I would recommend her work to anyone with a message that they want to get out to the world.

Lani Yadegar

Relationship and Dating Coach, Social Studio Coaching, Berkeley, CA
Lauri truly acknowedges the person in front of her and, because of this, she is unusually sensitive and perceptive. She will see you even when you do not.

Ara Glenn-Johanson

Actor and Educator, Toronto, ON