Your Life


Are you hungry for more out of life?

You crave more impact, more satisfaction … or both.

Many change-makers struggle to build profitable businesses
while living an abundant life.

I’ll help you speak your truth when it counts so you can live an amazing life – on your terms.

Are you …

  • Holding back at work and at home?
  • Wasting energy avoiding conflict?
  • Failing to be heard?
  • Hiding out on your couch (while secretly dreaming of speaking before Congress?)
  • Saying “yes” to everyone and everything – except you?

If that sounds like you, your voice may be holding you back.

“Lauri truly acknowledges the person in front of her and, because of this, she is unusually sensitive and perceptive.
She will see you even when you do not.”

                                                             -Ara Glenn-Johanson, Actor & Educator, Toronto, ON

Ask yourself: “Is my voice helping me or hurting me?”

That’s a question you may never have asked yourself before – And it’s a question you have to ask.

Your vocal presence creates the bottleneck that stops you from getting what you want most.

Our voice is our main tool for navigating the world. We use our voices to communicate with lovers, colleagues, clients, friends and family. And yet, aside from professionally trained actors, there is very little training out there related to the voice – until now.

Change your voice, change your impact.

Change your impact, change your world…

I will help you step into your true power and …

  • Stand tall and speak your truth in any situation
  • Create an empowering, satisfying, soulful relationship that’s worthy of YOU
  • Fill your bank account while fulfilling your heart
  • Get the promotion (if you want it – remember, you’re living on your terms now)
  • Ask for what you need with an open heart

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    “One of the gifts Lauri bestowed me with was the gift of belief. She believed the fire in my eyes and encouraged me to pursue it. If you keep your eyes, ears and mind open, because of her professional and emotional investment in everything that she does, you can guarantee to see improvement within yourself sooner than you expect.”

    Bezachin Jifar, Actor, San Jose, Ca

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    My commitment to you is this:
    I will respect you enough to tell you the truth.
    I will help you embrace your gifts while walking the path of growth.
    I will hold safe and sacred space for you to express your full self.

    Go beyond the resistance. Say yes to the voice within.

    Now is the time to stand and speak your truth.

    You may be tempted to turn away, to put off making a decision, to shrink from your calling or claim you’re just not sure. I encourage you to stay – the world needs your true voice now more than ever. Your voice matters.


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