Your Speaking


Do you feel that you have something to say to the world
but, when you do speak, your experience varies greatly?


Sometimes you’re vibrant and in the flow state, while bringing your audience to tears.
Other times you feel like a deer in the headlights, stuck in energetic quicksand
or that you’re going through the motions – with your audience only politely tolerating your presence.


That “hit or miss” experience can be frustrating and confusing.

Would you like to be fully present in your own skin while deeply connected to the crowd?

Would you like to awaken, energize and move them (to laughter, to tears, to action) from there?

You can.

And I will teach you how.


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Are you ready to … ?

  • Go beyond your comfort zone into your charisma zone
  • Move from surviving to thriving when you speak
  • Embody and convey confidence and authority … anytime, anywhere
  • Move your audience with the heart-centered power of your presence
  • Feel grounded, vibrant and in flow while evoking transformation in your audience

You can… It’s time.

Lauri attacks the skill of speaking from a unique perspective – the voice as an instrument of connection.”

– Claudette Good-O’Neill, CC and CL

2014 Semi-finalist in Toastmaster’s International Speaking Contest, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Be You … Be Seen

You do not need to pretend to be someone else or to do it “their way”.

You can be YOU – deeply, passionately, presently, RawThenically YOU …

Learn to let the crowd in to see you and feel you in all of your sensitive, tender, powerful, graceful and hysterical glory.

You will be able to do more than communicate clearly and articulately.
You will unleash your innate, unique charisma and to move people
– to laughter, to tears or to action.

This is not a quick fix.  It’s a powerful practice that will create lasting transformation.

“Lauri holds a very safe space for everyone to express their authentic, flawed, and perfect selves. She models what she teaches beautifully, standing in herself confidently and effortlessly … I would recommend her work to anyone with a message that they want to get out to the world.”

Lani Klaphaak, Relationship and Dating Coach


Who is this for?

This is for change –makers (teachers, speakers, entrepreneurs) who speak, teach, or lead in front of groups.

Change-makers see things first. They see things differently – before everyone else catches on.

They want to do their part to change their organizations, their world, or the world for the better.

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My commitment to you is this:

I will respect you enough to tell you the truth.
I will help you embrace your gifts while walking the path of growth.
I will hold safe and sacred space for you to express your full self.
I will help you step into your true power and to hold the same safe, transformational space for others.

Go beyond the resistance. Say yes to the voice within.

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