Are you ready and willing
to stand in your power and speak your truth? 

I’ll help you stand tall and speak with both passion and an open heart
 – from the bedroom, to the Boardroom to the TED Talks Stage.

Your Speaking   /   Your Life   /   Your Organization

“Lauri has a warm and creative way of training you to comfortably express your passion, purpose and message. The workshop is so much fun, that I didn’t even realize the ‘work’ I was doing until the end of the workshop and I stood in front of the group and impactfully spoke like time was standing still. Thank you Lauri!”


– Dr. Kristen Bentley, Optometrist, Speaker, CPCC, Certified Physician Development Coach

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You’ve tried speaker trainings, books and YouTube videos; they gave you information, but not lasting change.

You’ve been through leadership training programs. They helped clarify your vision, but failed to help you connect to and express that vision when it matters most. 

You thought you’d learn to speak authentically, clearly, and powerfully from practicing yoga, meditating or other mindfulness offerings. While those practices helped you center, they haven’t improved your communication. When it’s time for you to speak, your throat goes dry, your voice shakes or your words fall on deaf ears.

You hired someone who promised to help you “get over the fear” of speaking in public. While you’re no longer afraid, you’re noticing that the audience doesn’t seem engaged with you when you speak. Their eyes glaze over as they politely tolerate your presence while waiting patiently wait for the next great speaker to take the stage.

It’s not (just) what you say, it’s (also) how you say it.

It’s no longer enough to communicate clearly and articulately.

Charisma is not optional.

Leaders need to be able to influence, motivate, inspire, connect with and emotionally move their audiences.

We are all born with Charisma (a.k.a. stage presence or “Executive Presence.”)
The world teaches us to suppress our true selves in order to fit in. Society beats our charisma down.

You Are Your Instrument

“We do not rise to the occasion, we fall back on our training.”
– Bruce Lee

Long before winning an Academy Award, actors spend time, energy and focus developing their instrument – themselves. They train their body and their voice, ensuring that their instrument performs at its peak when they get cast in the role of a lifetime.

Whether your biggest dream is giving a TED Talk, running for office, or, like Rosa Parks, being able to stand up for what’s right when it matters most, you must train with the same commitment and dedication as a serious actor – And the time to start is right now.

In order to inspire others, you need to train your body and your voice. You need to become a vessel for your message – an organism of purpose.

Since the invention of the television, charisma has mattered. Right now, stage presence beats dedication and service. Charisma trumps experience.

If you are a change-maker, teacher, thought-leader, or entrepreneur dedicated to doing your part to make the world a better place, please, please … start training for the big moments of your life now.

I will help you find your voice and unleash your charisma. You’ll simultaneously rise to the occasion and fall back on your training when the big moments come.

You will do more than communicate. You will move people.

Your Speaking   /   Your Life   /   Your Organization