Lead With

Authenticity, Creativity & Courage

Hi, I’m Lauri.

I’m a Public Speaking & Leadership Coach.

I’m on a mission to help sensitive visionaries, ambitious empaths, and loving rebels do their part to change the world with authenticity, creativity & courage.

Think you’re not a leader?

I used to think that too.

12 years ago, when my first coach called me that big word I laughed and thought “She’s nuts!” And then I realized:

I’d been a Reluctant Leader my entire life:

  • Softball Coach at 14
  • Point Guard and Team Captain at 16
  • Directing plays at 19

Always stepping up, while often feeling like a Martyr who HAD TO because no one else would.

And then I chose to be a Courageous Leader: someone who stands in her open-hearted power and speaks up for what’s right.



Then the world teaches us to cover it up.

Here’s the truth … 

The things you think are your flaws are actually your greatest gifts:

  • Your intuition
  • Your quirks
  • Your empathy

— and everything in between!

Your real power is in your PRESENCE!

You are a unique and beautiful soul.

Your voice is needed in the world.

Want to be a better speaker?

All you need to do is be fully alive from head to toe, while deeply connected to the crowd. What comes out of that will be beyond your wildest dreams!

Martin Luther King Jr.

John F. Kennedy

Oprah Winfrey


Every Voice Matters

I  envision

… a world where everyone shares the vibration of their Soul’s Purpose & together we reach global harmony.

To get there, we need EVERY voice in the conversation, some we have not heard before. We need every person choosing the FULL, REVERBERATING DRUM over the toy-drum version of themselves.

Imagine if, during a concert, the entire string section of the orchestra held back from playing. Would they be able to express the fullness written into the music?

Every individual who suppresses the Voice of their Soul from speaking TO them & THROUGH them out into the world is like the silent string section.

Which type are you?


Big. Bold. Type A.

Powerful energy. Can’t hold it back. Seen as strong and enduring. Underneath an empath and sensitive soul.

But few know it.


Quiet, intuitive empath.

Sees and feels everything. Her soul is calling her to sing her life’s greatest song. Part of her is uncomfortable being seen.

Another part is ready.


Creative, eccentric visionary.

Has a ton of energy that can easily get scattered. A modern Sorceress, she exudes, channels and harnesses magic.

Her message isn’t landing.

If you feel called to develop your instrument and amplify your voice, it would be my honor to support you!

curious how I can help?

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