Magic Connections Networking

Let’s vibe and rise together … 

Magic Connections Networking is for sensitive visionaries, ambitious empaths, and loving rebels who are feeling called to share their magic in a bigger way on the world stage. 

“That was honestly the most fulfilling networking chat I’ve done all year. Your intention and the field you created made a huge difference.”

Leading doesn’t have to feel lonely. 

Come create relationships that nourish your passion, your mission, your business and YOU. 

1st & 3rd Tuesdays Monthly

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Speaking Classes, Playshops, & Retreats

Occassionally Lauri holds Speakers Studio style events that are open to the general public.

All of Lauri’s interactive events are held in a safe environment. Come ready to speak, learn, and play!

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Lauri’s Podcast & Speaking Appearances

(Click on the bold podcast names to listen)

Your Brand Amplified
Crafting Charismatic Speeches with Heart and Purpose

Invisible to Invincible Podcast
Empower Your Voice, Speak Your Truth, Change the World

The Revelation Podcast

The Conscious Marketer Podcast
How to Amplify your Voice for your Spiritual Purpose

The Renowned Leadership Podcast
Embracing Imperfections in Public Speaking, Leadership, and Acting

The Sanity Project
How to Discover Your Authentic Voice

The Life Adventurist Podcast
Speaking from the Soul for Sensitive Visionaries, Ambitious Empaths, and Loving Rebels

Masks Off with Kim Gross
Let Your Presence Serve Your Purpose

Conversations with Coaches
Your Voice Matters

Ignite Your Spark
Ignite and Learn why Your Voice Matters

Your Hidden Edge Podcast
The Ability to Hold Transformational Space for Others

Authentic Change Mike Horne
Unleash Your Presence: Stepping into the Power of Your Voice

Conscious Conversations With Nick & Nitin
Your Voice Matters

Stand  Speak  Shine
(formerly Women Seeking Wholeness)
Sensitivity, Speaking, and Being Seen

Women Waken Podcast
Using Your Voice To Speak Out, Tap Into Your Primal Life Purpose, and Spark Your Confidence

Shine Within
A Soulful Journey with Lauri Smith

The Jens Heitland Show
Public Speaking: How to Use your Body as an Instrument

The Courageous Inner Beast Podcast
Take Down Your Guard

Leadership Powered by Common Sense
From Stage Fright to Stage Delight

From a Woman to a Leader
Unleashing Authentic Leadership: Elevating Your Voice in the Tech Industry

The Sensitive CEO Show
Unleash Your Presence: Stepping Into the Power of Your Voice

Positive Talk Radio
Empathy is a Powerful Leadership Tool

Intentional Optimists
Cutting Through The Static

Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast
Unleash Your Presence: Stepping into the Power of Your Voice

The Speaking Podcast
Motorboat Lip Warm-Up Before Speaking

Becoming Bridge-Builders
Unleash Your Presence: Stepping into the Power of Your Voice

The Today’s Leader Podcast
Finding Your Voice to Show Up

Speak with Power Podcast
Make Your Voice Matter

Coffee with Coaches Podcast
Change the World with Authenticity, Creativity, and Courage

Passionate Health Advocate Podcast
Deepening Your Relationship