Voice Matters



… what would happen if, during a concert, the entire string section of the orchestra held back from playing. Would they be able to express the fullness written into the music?

Every individual who suppresses the Voice of their Soul from speaking TO them from within & THROUGH them out into the world is like the silent string section.

I envision a world where everyone shares the vibration of their Soul’s Purpose & together we reach global harmony.

To get there, we need EVERY voice in the conversation, some we have not heard before. We need every person choosing the FULL, REVERBERATING DRUM over the toy-drum version of themselves.

Do you agree?

Speaking is a Spiritual Practice

We’re on a missi0n

… to help visionaries stand in their power, speak their truth, and lead so they can do their part to change the world with authenticity, creativity & courage.

Time and time again I’ve been told that my approach to leadership through speaking is different.

  • It’s supportive.
  • It’s magical.
  • It’s deep.
  • It’s spiritual.
  • It’s transformational.

I’m committed to providing sacred spaces where fellow visionary souls can come home to their true selves and transform through being witnessed, supported, and held.

As a Voice Matters Angel, you’ll help reach the visionary souls out there who long for this spiritual path.

Connecting Souls




  • Find their voice
  • Be seen and heard
  • Lead by sharing their message on the world stage
  • Own their wacky wildness while having a serious impact
  • Feel ALIVE from head to toe while connecting deeply to the crowd
  • Sing their life’s greatest song
  • Touch audiences with the heart centered power of their PRESENCE
  • Come out of hiding in order to serve others in a bigger way


— and so much more!

Raising Consciousness

Together we rise

As a thank you, and because this is about raising our vibration together, you’ll earn $$$ and other rewards for doing your part to spread the word.

For connecting visionary souls who are meant to meet. 

It’s a win-win-win!

How it works

Take 1 of the following actions each month to get a spot in that month’s Authentic Speaking Playshop for FREE.

  • Post to FB, IG or LinkedIn tagging Lauri Smith and Voice Matters
  • Write an email introduction connecting Lauri Smith of Voice Matters with an aligned, potential client
  • Bring a friend who’s new to Playshops
  • Recommend Lauri for a speaking opportunity or Podcast
  • Introduce Lauri to a decision maker for a corporate engagement

Easy peasy. Once a month (or more if you’re on a roll – this is about creating momentum after all) share about me and Voice Matters. 

When someone you referred signs up for a program, you’ll receive CA$H!

Yup. Money. Moola. The Green Stuff. For doing what you’re probably already doing! 😉


One last thing

Are you too busy fulfilling your own purpose to attend Playshops or commit to monthly actions?

That’s just fine.

Go ahead and sign up to be an Angel.

Simply connect us when your clients, colleagues, and loved ones ask you for a soul-powered speaking coach and you’ll receive a thank you payment for each referral who signs up.

With this program, we’re growing our safe, sacred community. We’re gathering like-hearted, aligned souls together to witness and support each other. We’re raising our vibration.

Together we’re doing our part to help raise human consciousness and create transformational change in the world.