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Is your organization …

·      Hampered by employees bursting with untapped potential?

·      Tackling dissatisfaction, inclusion & diversity issues and high employee turnover?

·      Flooded with employees who don’t have a strong identity or feel they understand their place within the team?

Lauri can help. She specializes in developing the Leadership presence of each and every member of the team while helping to create a dynamic, innovative and productive working relationship among team members.

Increase productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

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With her ‘Vocal Presence – Find Your Voice’ workshop, Lauri displayed world class professionalism, polish and focus. Our participants were blown away. She capitalized on every moment for each participant to have a powerful experience and to come away with a unique set of tools. By the end of the workshop the participants expressed themselves in heightened situations using their individual, authentic Leadership voices. To this date, many of the participants are still talking about the workshop as it has made a difference in their professional and personal lives.

Jack Jia

Founder: Trusper / Baynote / Interwoven. Partner: GSR Ventures Angel Investor

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